Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Hurricane Nicholas hit in the middle of the night last night. It got very windy and we lost power a few times but nothing drastic.

Driving into work this morning I notice broken limbs everywhere. It was Mother Nature to blame. But was she really to blame or is this just the thing that needed to take place to blow out the old?

Watch the replay video here!

The last few weeks have been difficult for me. I am not going to lie. Some of it I actually cannot speak about because it is still a wound. (I talk about scars not wounds 😉)

But I did learn some valuable things about myself during this time and my coping skills.

One story I can share is my business struggles. One of the very best things to come out of Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield was the Accountability Pod which is a mastermind. I have a group of 4 people.  Link to Amy's website:  www.amyporterfield.com


I often get sidetracked and this time I came across another coach online who wanted me to change up my plan and promote my YouTube Channel. While I do need to do that, that is NOT a goal of mine at this moment. This coach distracted me to a BAD extreme.

Thank goodness for Lisa and Kate and Melissa (my friends from DCA) who helped me get back on track. Why? Because I am launching my very first course next month. October 2021. While my expectations are low I am just happy to FINALLY be doing this.

My coaching call today is all about the methods I used to get out of the funk.

The challenges are all around me:

  • My current corporate job that I love yet still encountered a struggle.
  • Relationship/communication struggles part of my Complex PTSD
  • My dog who is not doing well she is 14.5 years old
  • Running my own business and all the shiny objects and distractions
  • My boys and the ongoing Kenny induced drama (narcissistic abuse)
  • The news in general - very depressing 9-11
  • Pushing my launch back once again
  • Lots of extra expenses this month
  • When it rains it pours

However, what held me together, by a string, was Joseph Rodrigues's podcast episodes. After all, he is the main mentor I have and where I developed most of the Stop the Mind Screw Method and process.

Joseph Rodrigues Episode 312 Strength of Attention and Richness of Imagination

I also love Reality Transurfing Principles that I teach in Stop the Mind Screw.

Let's start there:

  • Advantage - my world is always taking care of me. Even though it was raining I know that I had to go through all of these things so I could become the best coach. 
  • Pendulums are defined as - a thought that everyone thinks, a pendulum only wants your energy and can be difficult to resist. The pendulums affecting my situation were causing great reactivity in me (taking my energy). Please see reactivity in Neville Goddard's principles next.

Neville Goddard Principles

  • Reactivity - I was very reactive to everything going on around me. But I was suppressing this reactivity (my defense mechanism). This was causing me to be very depressed. I haven't felt this amount of depression in about 10 years.
  • This quote right here: basically pendulums - 
    If you are not on guard, you can be persuaded by the press, television, or radio, to change your concept of self and unwittingly move into an undesirable state. -Neville Goddard



The Kybalion and the Principal of Polarity (this one was good)

And by his knowledge he will be able to aid his fellows intelligently and by  the appropriate methods change the polarity when the same is desirable. We advise all students to familiarize themselves with this Principle of Polarity, for a correct understanding of the same will throw light on many difficult subjects. ­ -The Kybalion

So what I learned and what made the sun peek out from behind the dark clouds was:

  • To realize that my world is always taking care of me.
  • To observe the pendulums, take care of myself, and walk away when the pendulum is causing reactivity in myself.
  • Focus on very small things helps me focus on the big projects. Break them down.
  • Find friends and coaches to reach out to and listen to their inspiration and follow their guidance.
  • Journal! Brain dump, document wins, document losses.
  • Exercise as long as my body is feeling well.
  • Heal mind, body, soul.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Are you coming to the live coaching session? 

Watch the replay here!



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