The Power of a Smile

Meet Sarah, she hired me to teach her how to do push-ups as she needed to be able to perform 20 push-ups to get into the military.

Link to the video here!

The very first thing I had her do was perform a push-up. She said, "I can't! That's why I hired you."

😮Oh no she didn’t. “Can’t never did anything and it’s still in the dictionary! Just show me!” I said. I knew she was physically able. She was 18 and fit. Her mindset was off.

She proceeded to get down on the mat and tried her push-ups. “Oooonnnne.” She grunted in disgust. “Twooo.”

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“STOP!” I yelled, startling others in the gym. I knew right then and there those military guys were going to eat her for lunch like a hamburger. 🍔

Let me just tell you, that girl learned how to do push-ups and then some that day.

I taught Sarah something very powerful. Want to know what that was?

That lesson I taught her is something I want you to never forget. And I am quite sure she never forgot as well.

It was a simple mindset shift that changed everything! That shift is a SMILE. 😊 I know, it sounds too simple, right?

But did you know that when you smile you send signals to your brain that everything is a-ok. Science studies have proven this!

Not only that but when you smile at others, it sends them a signal that everything is a-ok as well!

Watch the video here!

Mind you I taught Sarah tricks and techniques but I showed her how to “make it look easy” for those who judged her performance.

The lesson here is multi-faceted. You can smile through the struggle of exercise, or whatever it is you don’t think you can do.

It drastically changes everything. Try it. 😊😊😊

I once read the book by Frank Betcher: (Click the picture to see on Amazon).


He talked about the power of a smile when selling. How when you approach someone with a smile you already gain their trust, and that is huge in selling.

My business coach Amy Porterfield creator of Marketing Made Easy Podcast, talks about how she smiles when she does her podcast episodes. There is a noted difference in her speaking when she doesn't smile.

Another thing I coach is "Make it look easy." What does that mean?

Well it means just what it says. Make the exercise look easy. Bring your heart rate down like I talk about in the video. And smile. 

Smiling makes it look easy and tricks the mind too telling everyone, including yourself, that everything is A-OK.

The two most important things to your health and wellness: Your heart ❤ Your mindset 😁

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