Hello! My name is Kathie Owen!



Certified Fitness Trainer and Life Coach since 2002. I teach others how to transform their lives in magic fashion. Most of all I am a habit coach. 

As a trainer for soooo many years, I have seen many people, myself included, fall off the wagon because they do not have established habits.

I have learned a simple process to help YOU find a way to making a habit easy and simple! 

Join me on this journey and find yourself transforming YOUR life in magic fashion!

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Benefits of Building Healthy Habits

Thought Habits

Your thought habits rule your world. If you can think healthy thoughts your entire world transforms.Your mind is your most powerful asset. Tap into excellent thought habits with me! Learn how to take a mental diet to the next level and create a mental lifestyle that works for you IN ALL YOUR HABITS!! 😀


Wellness Habits

Resolutions do not work. Why? Because they do not get to the basic issue - create a habit. Once you establish a habit the 'work' becomes easy. Because we learn how to put this on auto pilot. I have trained thousands of clients and the one thing, myself included, is they fall off the wagon because the habit is not set to work FOR you. Learn my simple steps to keeping these habits on track!!

Success Habits

Limiting beliefs are the number one reason we as humans fail in life. Here you will find all kinds of motivation to improve your success rate in magic fashion. Learn simple ways to make your success habits work FOR you and not against you. Overcome fear, doubt, and indecision and be on your way to a life of freedom!

Relationship Habits

Where do you struggle in your relationships with others? It could be as simple as changing your habits. Do you have healthy boundaries? Are you continually seeking a love and find yourself stuck in the same old patterns? Let's change that now!

Kathie is a habit-building coach with 20+ years in the business


Learn how to build habits that stick and learn the 4 types of habits Kathie teaches.

  • Thought habits - these dominate your entire life. Live a life of power when you become aware of these thought habits.
  • Wellness habits - have to do with the home you life in for your entire life your BODY. 
  • Success habits - are all about freedom and peace of mind whether you own your own business or work for someone else.
  • Relationship habits - have to do with those you associate with on a daily basis. Become aware of your habits in relationships today.
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“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Lao Tzu

Features of Healthy Habit Building

Easily become aware of your habits and change them to serve you, instead of you serving your habits.

Transform your wellness goals like never before. You'll wonder why you didn't realize this sooner!

When your success habits are on track you find the freedom, realize your dreams, and feel at peace.

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