Reality Transurfing is Losing It

Reality Transurfing is a book by Russian author and quantum physicist Vadim Zeeland. It is one of the best books I have ever read on reality creation. And I do talk about it often.

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I picture Vadim sitting in a corner holding his book like a little 2-year-old saying, "Mine, mine, mine!" 

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Over the past weekend, mid-June 2021, the following posts happened in International Transurfing:

I posted that I saw this coming a mile away. I also posted that Eckhart, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay do not restrict others from teaching their information. And now I am deleted from the group. I was not surprised. And I definitely do not care. Too much victim-mentality in there for my taste.

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Vadim shot himself in the foot when he "endorsed" Renee and blacklisted Bootsy Greenwood and Aaron Doughty anyhow. I saw this coming.

Renee had already deemed herself important and placed herself on a pedestal by claiming to be the only person endorsed to teach this on YouTube. 🤢

Part of me thinks there is a culture variation going on with Vadim's words. He already does this in the books - pendulums, balancing forces, the plait, the braid, and other words he uses.


Notice he does say that he is trying to create "movies" as he says in his post. I think that is a cultural difference in words as well.

The guy has the right to do whatever he chooses. His book is brilliant! I mean BRILLIANT!! But his book is "public domain" now that it is published. He still can profit from this - as that appears to be what he wants. But it also appears he wants to declare who can and can not teach the material.

I do include his topics in Stop the Mind Screw but I see them as universal and the information as channeled. So much of it is like A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. And A New Earth is much easier to understand as Eckhart's first language is English.

And Eckhart is so much more down-to-earth than Vadim. This alone makes the material a lot easier to assimilate.

As with any structure that has been built with corruption, it will dissolve or breakthrough, as something better. It can also have more breakthroughs of scandals but it will eventually absolve.

I saw the "cult-like" atmosphere a few months ago when I posted this blog post. I saw this coming.

Ironically, this is all about importance, and Vadim and Renee both "know" that creating importance around anything will send balancing forces in to take care of things. It is almost like they "know" this but feel it does not apply to them. Very ironic!

Okay, let's see how the drama plays out. 





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