Reality Transurfing Bullies

Yesterday I was triggered. And today I am here to tell you there is a new inclusion to the revision step in Stop the Mind Screw and that is HEALING.


I am triggered by bullies. I have been bullied all of my life, even as a very young child. I recognize a bully a mile away and am easily triggered by bullying instances.

I will be doing a video on this process soon (May 20, 2021) but wanted to get this blog post out now! This is healing to me!

As you may or may not know I quit talking about Reality Transurfing because of the "leader" of the group and how she "bullied" (IMO) others out of talking about the book. You can read that post here.

This post was on the International Transurfing Group, and this is what triggered me:



In my ego's opinion, this was bullying. In my ego's opinion, Renee is a bully.  

I could be wrong. She did state that was not her intention - to the group to save face! And it sure appears that she did bully Aaron Doughty out of RT and Bootsy Greenwood as well. Go back to my post on why I quit talking about Reality Transurfing.

I waited until my ego had brewed over this long enough and reacted. Let me just tell you now - reactivity and Reality Transurfing do not do well together. Reactivity never ends well!

Renee could have just stated "do you believe the quality of the group has gone down?" and I would have passed it by, like always.

But she had to call out and screenshot this poor guy's name. And the group, or should I say groupies, were laughing about it. Seriously, look at the emojis - lots of 😂

That, to me, is mean.

I commented on this. She quickly told me I was polarizing. I agree. Polarizing is all about values and I value kindness. And this was not kind IMO. But I am quite sure I triggered her as well because a few hours later she asked the group "What triggers you?"

The group laughed at me! Insert eye roll. 😕😢

But I learned a valuable lesson from this incident. And today I want to teach you this and why I am going to include it in Stop the Mind Screw.

First of all, I should have kept my mouth shut. They won't see it any other way. It is either Renee's way or no way. She is the queen of that group and they follow her every word like a cult <- for lack of a better word. OMG they would crucify me for calling them that.

She has set it up that way. Go back to my post on RT and learn how she got her groupies to go promote HER videos on other groups. 🤮🤮

Here is the lesson I learned. Before you REACT to a trigger in ego fashion, as I did there, follow the REVISION and HEALING outlined below.


1. UNDERSTAND YOUR MIND - the mind needs to make sense of the trigger and seeks to reason and understand.

  • Journal - remember morning pages? Write out your feelings and get them on paper.
  • Get support in a safe place - seek a friend, mentor, or a coach whom you can vent to in a supportive fashion
  • Know if you need solutions or just to be heard from that support and journalling.

2. THE BODY NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE IT. I was shaky while responding to this post. This is key to understanding the body needs to experience the emotion - especially before you respond.

When I was triggered as a child or with my ex I would get very shaky all over. This is a HUGE sign that the emotions and ego are being experienced in my body.

The healthy ways to experience this are as follows:

  • Punch a pillow, scream, cry.
  • Physiological state change - cold plunge, breath work, exercise. I do all 3 but exercise is my favorite go-to!
  • Then rest and allow, settle in, relax, then integrate these feelings into the body.

3. SOUL - REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE - connect with the conscious observer

  • Meditate, inhale and exhale, do a body scan, become aware of where your body is signaling fear. Relax and forgive others and yourself. Forgiveness is for you and not anyone else.
  • Spread love, light, and bliss in that mediation to your friends, family, city, state, country, planet, universe. Come back to self feel that bliss.
  • Get out of reactivity and into responsibility (I recently did a video on responsibility and will link it here). RESPONSIBILITY IS ALL ABOUT YOU. I finally took responsibility for my trigger and it shifted my feelings about the bullying situation.
  • Connect with your Higher Self and with the other side of you.

After you have completed all 3 steps: mind, body, and soul then reclaim your freedom. Go into action therapy.

Remind yourself you only need to be 1% better today than yesterday. 

Honor yourself and your integrity.


Peace to you and Namaste! Kathie







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