Why I Don't Recommend Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield

collaborate Nov 20, 2021

Before I go into the why I don't recommend Digital Course Academy with Amy I must state what is great about the course

  • It is very thorough.
  • Amy does know her stuff.
  • The accountability pod that she never mentions in sales is the best thing about her course. I have made awesome friends who help me in my business and personal life. This is the ONE thing I loved about the course!
  • You will learn exactly how to put a course together, launch, and sell it. But.....

I can tell you I don't want to sell like Amy. Is she a phenomenal success? Yes absolutely.

But does she sacrifice all of that in the name of greed - ALSO AB-so-freaking-lutely!!!

It all started while in the course. The part where she teaches webinars "slide-by-slide." She mentions a link to her webinar slide templates. Click on that link and you will see a $300 something price tag!!!

WTF? I thought everything was given in the course. Yeah, NOT!! It costs extra!! And I understand selling more things on top of what you purchased. I get that so I let it slide - the first time!!!

⏩⏩⏩BTW you can learn her slide-by-slide presentation by reading Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. That is where she got most of the method anyway! 😉

But then the course ends - abruptly I might add. If this is your first go-round at creating courses or if life crept in - there is no way you are ready to launch after 12 weeks - not the way she teaches it anyway! (remember this because it comes back up in a minute!)

So the course ends but she has another way to work with her. A membership that costs $97 a month. Is it worth it? Probably. But her selling appears greedy and slimy.

I just spent over $2,000 with her, you couldn't help a girl out? Hell, I was still paying for the course. There was no way I was about to invest another $100 per month on top of what I was paying.

If you didn't sign up right then - you lost out - until her next launch ends! She plays on FOMO. Also, slimy.

⏩⏩⏩Enter strike 3 for Amy. She launched her course again in September. I enrolled in March. When she launched she offered us previous "losers" another chance to enter her course in the Facebook Group and everything. But this chance would cost another $300 something!! WTF? WTF?

At this point I am livid! I am sick of her marketing techniques - which I refuse to practice. And she's my business coach?? Yeah, No!

BTW we supposedly have what is called "lifetime" access to the course.🤢

I always wondered how some of the group was already launching their course and talking about it in the group. Now I know why!! They re-joined and were already ahead of the game.

There are thousands of people in this Facebook Group. Thousands!! Do the math! 🙄🤮

Out of all the connections I made in the group which was a lot I ONLY saw one other actually launch by the summer. I launched In October.

NOTE: 45-minute to 90-minute webinars are how Amy tells us to sell. And in today's world, you cannot keep the attention on a 45-90 minute webinar ---- not for my friends and customers anyway. Nor do I want to even do that. I wouldn't ask them to do that.

Side note: A pod-funnel is the way to go!

Second of all, I do not want to sell like Amy.

I love those whom I help. I care about them and want them to win. I would never want one of my customers to feel left behind because they purchased a course from me and still have to buy more!!

I get selling but there is a thing called segmenting. Sell to those who paid in full!! Or at least give us a compassionate offer to opt-out.

I have since unfollowed Amy. But I still listen to some of her podcast episodes. 

IF I mentioned to you to buy DCA I apologize and I have since retracted that statement. Instead, I will re-direct you to this blog post so you can make the decision on your own with an understanding of her marketing techniques. Know what you are getting into!!! I wish I did!

The course is great. Yes. But it is not worth the money.

You can learn the same process (an even better process) by reading Russell Brunson's book Expert Secrets. Read all of Russell's books for that matter.

Honestly, I think this is where she came up with her webinar slide-by-slide topic anyway. And Russell explains it better than Amy.

In closing,  Digital Course Academy is not worth the money.

The accountability pod is the best thing to come out of the course and she doesn't even mention this in her long-ass webinars! 

You can get everything you need to know by listening to her podcasts. 

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