How to Find More Time in Your Day

"I just don't have the time!"

This is the #1 reason I am given by those who tell me that is why they don't exercise.

But consider the alternative! What happens if you don't exercise? Your health declines even more so. The pain gets worse.

I don't want that for you! So today I'm giving you 12 ways to find more time in your day!

#1. Analyze how you do spend your time. Spend a few days doing this. You will quickly find time zappers or wasters and find ways to eliminate them. There also may be things you can combine, re-order, or delegate.

#2. Plan your day the night before. An evening routine that consists of getting ready for the next day ahead. For example, lay out your clothes for work and exercise. Plan your meals for the next day. Write your to-do list for tomorrow. A well-thought-out evening routine will help with your sleeping too.

#3 Examine your attitude. Just like goal-setting successful time management happens when you understand YOU have control over your daily...

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End Victim Mentality Like This

stop the mind screw Nov 23, 2021

Think of a time you felt like a victim. Contemplate that for a moment. We've all been there. Probably more often than we like. But there is a way out of it.

Shary Davis was my therapist from 2002 to 2008. I went to therapy every single week for years. Until I graduated. Yes, I graduated from therapy. Because I stopped the mind screw.

Shary has an awesome theory of psychology and it's depicted in this picture.

When in turmoil we spend time in either victim or victimizer. We move between them too. That is what that circle 8 represents. We move between victim and victimizer.

Notice any argument you've ever had, and you will recognize clearly the infinite movement between the victim-victimizer.

There is a way out of this madness though. Oh you can play the pendulum game and just observe it and not give it your energy. But there is a better way out of it. It is called LOVE.

It is also called victor. 

Victim mentality is everywhere nowadays. It is entitled. It is like Elizabeth...

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How To Overcome Resistance

We've all been there. We set a goal with the greatest intentions and we are filled with optimism. Very quickly though, fear, doubt, and indecision creep in. This is resistance in disguise!

There is nothing easy about resistance. I call it speed bumps or hiccups on the way to our destination. It is not a matter of "if" you will hit resistance but "when."

Resistance is that thing that keeps you from doing what you say you're going to do!

Stop mind screwing yourself out of success when you hit these speed bumps and be ready with these 3 mindset shifts!

1. Expect Resistance to Happen.

Resistance can take many forms: friend drama, the weather, family obligations, illness, government. The list goes on and on.

  • It will look different for every person
  • It will look like something else, like that bright shiny object that will take you off the path!

In his book "War of Art" Steven Pressfield says

"Resistance is the equal and opposite reaction of natrue to the new thing that you and I are...

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Mindset Changes for The Season

What is the absolute best thing about fall?

 For me, this season is a time of change and to reflect on what we need to let go of, like the leaves falling from the trees.

 Of course, I love the feeling of this time of year, too! The seasons are changing and holidays are coming.

As for mindset though I look at this season like this:

  • Where do your habits stand right now? Is there anything you'd like to change?
  • Going into the holidays, how solid are you in your habits for health and wellness?
  • Where is your mindset around food going into the holidays?
  • Where can you change things now so you will be ready for the season?

Remember only strive to be 1% better today than yesterday. It's easier that way and changes are made that way. True and lasting changes are made that way.

What’s the change of season mean to you?

Need help with your habits and more tips? Be sure to sign up below so you don't miss a thing and stay on track with your mindset and fitness! Hope to see you...

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Number One Cardio Mistake

I cannot believe trainers are not talking about this. And those cute little 30 something-year-old trainers NEVER mention this! What is it?


Your heart and lungs (cardiovascular system) are the most important muscle in your body. 

Why aren't trainers talking about this?

  • Max Heart Rate
  • Spikes in the heart rate
  • Deep breathing


Back in the old days, I would train someone on the treadmill while they held the heart rate sensors. I would do a fitness test to see how fit the client is or was becoming after working with me.

Today we have the SmartWatch and this is the greatest invention for your fitness. Why? Because you can test your fitness every single day on your own.

You have on your wrist your very own personal trainer.

In fact, during COVID and afterward, this is how I make sure my clients are getting the very best workouts - or not! 

Take a look at these two workouts, sent to me from different...

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10 Tips To Eat Intuitively Through The Holidays or Any Day

The holidays are right around the corner. Or not, if you happen to be reading this in February. However, it is not too early or late to consider eating intuitively. Here are 10 Tips to Eating Intuitively Through the Holidays or Any Day!!

1. Do Not Engage in Diet Talk

Decide right now that you are not going to take part in conversations that support diet culture. When we get together with friends and family over the holidays it’s inevitable that someone will bring up how the food is going to affect their body shape or size, someone will tell you all about their diet plan or exercise routine, and/or someone will tell you their big, diet-culture inspired New Years Resolutions. You do not have to engage in this conversation. You don’t have to explain your food and body beliefs if you don’t feel up to it.  You can aim at changing the subject or you can simply excuse yourself.

2. Know that it’s Okay to Say No

Remember that when you say yes to something you are...

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How to Use An Apple Watch For Fitness

Did you know that you can use your Apple Watch Stats to analyze your workout stats?

In fact, this is how I analyzed my in-person training clients during the pandemic.

And I am going to teach you the method today!


  • Step #1: Pull up your exercise guy he looks like this: 
  • Step #2: Enter Traditional Strength Training (every single time you exercise unless you are walking and want to know your distance) There is a reason for this!! Hold on.
  • Step #3: Do your workout
  • Step #4: Analyze your heart rate and ACTIVE CALORIES (details in video)
  • Step #5: When finished Swipe Left to End Workout 

To analyze your results do as follows: (quick video will be attached here)

  • Step #1: Go to Your 3 Circles (details in video)
  • Step #2: Go to workouts and click the one you want to analyze
  • Step #3: Take a screenshot of the workout.

The things you want to analyze:

  1. Time - how long were you exercising?
  2. How many active calories did you burn?
  3. Was your heart rate spikey?

Here are common...

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The Power of a Smile

Meet Sarah, she hired me to teach her how to do push-ups as she needed to be able to perform 20 push-ups to get into the military.

Link to the video here!

The very first thing I had her do was perform a push-up. She said, "I can't! That's why I hired you."

Oh no she didn’t. “Can’t never did anything and it’s still in the dictionary! Just show me!” I said. I knew she was physically able. She was 18 and fit. Her mindset was off.

She proceeded to get down on the mat and tried her push-ups. “Oooonnnne.” She grunted in disgust. “Twooo.”

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“STOP!” I yelled, startling others in the gym. I knew right then and there those military guys were going to eat her for lunch like a hamburger.

Let me just tell you, that girl learned how to do push-ups and then some that day.

I taught Sarah something very powerful. Want to know what that...

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How to Start Your Day with Clarity and Focus

Stop the mind screw my friend. Getting clarity and focus to start your day can and will drastically improve your life.

And it's simple. Let's discuss.

I get it. I used to be one to sleep until the last possible minute. But then something changed.


I found a morning routine that I just love and I also love how it changed my life - for the better!! And think about this: it's more important than getting that extra hour or two of sleep.

Here are 8 tips to help you get more clarity and focus to start your day!

#1. Make sure you get a reasonable amount of sleep. Schedule 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I get it this might be difficult for some. But when you do #6 correctly you will have no problem sleeping.

This might mean going to bed earlier and having an evening routine that will encourage your sleep.

#2. Take 5 minutes of stillness. Do this first thing upon waking. Just lay there in bed and intentionally smile. Immerse yourself in all 5 senses and set "great" intentions for the...

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Hurricane Nicholas hit in the middle of the night last night. It got very windy and we lost power a few times but nothing drastic.

Driving into work this morning I notice broken limbs everywhere. It was Mother Nature to blame. But was she really to blame or is this just the thing that needed to take place to blow out the old?

Watch the replay video here!

The last few weeks have been difficult for me. I am not going to lie. Some of it I actually cannot speak about because it is still a wound. (I talk about scars not wounds )

But I did learn some valuable things about myself during this time and my coping skills.

One story I can share is my business struggles. One of the very best things to come out of Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield was the Accountability Pod which is a mastermind. I have a group of 4 people.  Link to Amy's website:


I often get sidetracked and this time I came across another coach online who wanted me to...

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