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In today's video, I talk about an experience I had and where I came up with Stop The Mind Screw.

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It all started back in 2008. I got a bullying email on my blackberry, yes, that is how long ago this was, from the step-mom. (watch until the end to see my blueberry blooper!)

This was nothing new. My ex and his wife bullied me all the time and they could get away with this because the courts did not monitor our emails back in the day.

They NEVER once co-parented with me and this was typical.

But on this day in February 2008, I had a nervous breakdown. I did not even know where I was, that was how bad this was.

Somehow one of my friends was able to help me and that night I had a realization. One that changed my life forever.

I had recently read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, my #1 book on my reading list - for a reason! And I realized I had been telling myself (and anyone who would listen) a very disempowering story about my life as a mom - with a narcissistic ex and the narcissist he married who he had an affair with as well.

I began to tell a new story. A story that empowered me as a mother. And the fact that I was not just a mom but also many other awesome things as well.

That is just one step in the Stop the Mind Screw process. And that is step #3.

The steps are as follows:

#1. What do you want? Be very specific and to the point. Write a definite chief aim and study it. Look at it 2 times a day. Want help writing one? Visit for an easy-to-follow template for this very thing.

#2 Is a mental diet. My very favorite thing to teach BTW. Simply become aware of what you are thinking and don't dwell on the negative. There is so much more to a mental diet though.

Here is a playlist of mine on mental diets. And I am offering a 5-day mental diet challenge in my private Facebook Group. Feel free to join here!

#3. How are you talking to yourself? Analyze that self talk. That is what I did that evening. I then went into step 5 which is revision.

#4. Thought Habits and just Habits in general. They say how you do one thing is how you do everything and that applies to your habits. In Stop the Mind Screw I teach habits and how to create them so they happen naturally and empowers your days and your life.

#5 Revision. I love the Pruning Shears of Revision with Neville Goddard (link to here to a free pdf on this topic). But notice how I revised my story about being a mom to be one that empowered me instead of disempowering me.

I began to tell myself that my life as a mom was not what I originally thought and there was no way I was going to get what I thought when battling narcissists who did nothing but bully me every time I tried to get close to my own kids.

My story then became one that focused on my growth as a mom and myself in general. I then turned that into a process that I now teach today. And it literally changed my life in what appeared to be magic fashion.

#6. Get into FLOW - 80-90% of the day. What is flow? It is where challenge meets skill. It is that sweet spot where everything happens easily and naturally. It includes synchronicities, bridges of incidence, and spontaneous ideas that truly transform your life in magic fashion.

That my friend is the basis of Stop the Mind Screw. Stay tuned because you will learn all about these steps and more in my content.

My content, courses, coaching, and more is transforming lives in magic fashion. Will yours be next?


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