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Don't Like It? Revise it!

Revision is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life.

And in today's video, I teach you about the pitfalls you hit when you do not use revision.

And simple solutions that happen when you do.

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 What is the Pruning Shears of Revision? This is a great question. I am often asked this question because I refer to it over and over again as a solution to almost every problem. I discuss it in-depth in the video and Here is a link to a free pdf document and lecture by Neville Goddard himself. 

When is the best time to revise your day? At night before bed go over your day and see where you were reactive or things did not go as you would have preferred. Then revise those situations as you fall asleep. Why? Because your brain waves are optimal for revision. First thing in the morning is great too. Ideally, you want to revise as you fall asleep so your subconscious mind is clear.

  1. You continue being reactive
  2. There is no power there
  3. ...
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Stop the Mind Screw

In today's video, I talk about an experience I had and where I came up with Stop The Mind Screw.

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It all started back in 2008. I got a bullying email on my blackberry, yes, that is how long ago this was, from the step-mom. (watch until the end to see my blueberry blooper!)

This was nothing new. My ex and his wife bullied me all the time and they could get away with this because the courts did not monitor our emails back in the day.

They NEVER once co-parented with me and this was typical.

But on this day in February 2008, I had a nervous breakdown. I did not even know where I was, that was how bad this was.

Somehow one of my friends was able to help me and that night I had a realization. One that changed my life forever.

I had recently read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, my #1 book on my reading list - for a reason! And I realized I had been telling myself (and anyone who would listen) a very disempowering story about my life as a mom - with a...

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The Person You Talk to The Most

We talk to ourselves more than anyone else. But do you know the quality of those thoughts? Do you monitor this?

This is where our power lies.

In today's video, I discuss this very thing.


Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:04 First thought 01:44 Reactivity/Proactivity 03:20 Insomnia Pitfalls: 05:27 1.Shape our beleifs 06:31 2. Outlook is affected 08:13 3. Personalize it Solutions: 10:13 1. Decisions are easier 10:35 2. Re-write those limiting beliefs 12:23 3. Who you surround yourself with even in self-talk 14:46 4. Exercise 15:50 5. Triggers 17:34 6. Have a sense of humor Humor 13:34

Tim Ferris Podcast with Matthew

Green Lights

Toxic positivity

Joseph Rodrigues

Trigger video

House was stolen from me:

Stop the mind screw! Get your simple thought habit...

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How to Overcome Doubt, Fear, Indecision

If you are ever in doubt always do the loving thing. -Neville Goddard

We live in a world riddled with doubt, fear, and indecision. But those 3 things right there will keep you in a state which will not enable you to move forward.

This quote right here has to do with doubt. Think for a moment of the things you are doubting right now. I'll give you a moment to think by inserting the quote for you to ponder below!

The best way to conquer doubt (or anything for that matter) is by thinking of a loving thing.

So if your doubt/limiting belief is:

"It is just too hard."

Then re-write that doubt in a loving way.

How do you do that? Well, this is how I do that.

I affirm in my mind (sometimes many times) until I believe it, this:

"I only see LOVE in this situation. It cannot be hard because I am seeing LOVE and INFINITE INTELLIGENCE only allows the thing to be loving and therefore, simple."

Sometimes I apply this often and with the words

"Every single day, more each time, I only...

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