Why I Quit Talking About Reality Transurfing

reality transurfing Oct 29, 2020

Reality Transurfing, it is by far one of the best books out there about changing your life, 

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And I used to talk about it all the time. I have several videos on it. And I started a series called Transurfing in Traffic. I was even going to teach a course on it. All of that came to a complete halt! And I will no longer do any of these things! With pleasure, I oddly admit!

You see, I found out about Reality Transurfing through Aaron Doughty on YouTube. I quoted Vadim (the author of the book) on my Instagram. I read the book in its entirety 3 times. I even listened to Bootsy Greenwood reading the book on YouTube several times. (those are removed BTW).

I am one of the Founding Members of the International Transurfing Institute on Facebook. I have lately realized that is not such an honor.

Renee Garcia, the ONLY person "endorsed by Vadim Zeland" to discuss Reality Transurfing (a now trademarked term) found me on Instagram and recruited me to be a part of this group.

In the very beginning stages of this group, Renee, Bootsy Greenwood, and one other person were the "entitled" teachers to this group. I call them "entitled" because they acted like that on their videos. They looked pretty obnoxious and seemed overly important IMO. Not a transurfing way to act, I was thinking.

So that exploded and all of a sudden Bootsy was outed out of the group. There was some type of falling out. The details were hush-hush and to this day I don't know what really happened. It's really none of my business but something felt wrong about the whole thing.

Then I found out Aaron was actually "blacklisted" by Vadim. 😲😢

Like I said I found out about RT on Aaron's YouTube Channel. He even taught a class on it. I signed up for this class. It was about $50 per month. I stayed for 2 months. His material was great, for a newcomer. I felt I already knew all of this stuff so I canceled.

I am not sure why Aaron was "blacklisted" but he was. I suspect it was due to teaching this course. 😢

Because of all of this, when I started teaching Transurfing in Traffic I got with Renee to make sure it was okay.

She got with her "team" and approved me.🤔  I had to include all the details which included her course on any video I did about RT and include the trademark as well. The details I was obliged to include on my video were an affiliate link to her $397 course, a link to the Facebook group, and the trademark.

Okay, I get it. But this was getting deeper and uglier than I expected. 😢

Renee then created a messenger group within our Facebook group. In this group she expected people to go into other groups and promote RT.

Okay, this is all cool. But then I see they are promoting RT in the Baby Elephant Group. This is a group that belongs to a dear friend of Aaron's. Leora's YouTube Channel: Leora Alexandra 😍

And this messenger group appears to be full of groupies reporting back to Renee with how they promoted her channel and the YouTube videos all over Facebook. 🤮

Everything just feels more wrong all the time!!

Here's my big beef with all of this.

I saw Aaron on his stories in June of 2020. He looked very sad and said he was in a lawsuit for promoting material in a book. He couldn't say who, of course. But this was all happening at the same time.

Renee was trying to take her channel to another level. And all power to her, but who did she hurt in the process?

Not very "transurfing" IMO! Definitely not kind.

I mean you’d never hear Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, or Wayne Dyer say, “This is trademarked material. Only people I allow can talk about this. Otherwise, you’re blacklisted and while I am at it I think I’ll sue you for talking about/teaching it.”

I feel bad for all involved. Renee is an awesome teacher! She knows RT inside and out. But it just appears to me that Renee and Vadim are shooting themselves in the foot.

It comes across as inauthentic.😢 

It also has so much to do with importance. And importance is a huge part of RT.

It hurts me to see someone like Aaron get blacklisted. He has taught so many people about this book. Heck, I bet if it wasn't for him most would not even know of the book.

Back to my case in point, you wouldn't hear Eckhart, Wayne, Louise, Depak, or any other awesome author like Vadim tell someone they couldn't teach their material.

This type of material is channeled. I have no doubt that Reality Transurfing was channeled. It is just too similar to all the other spiritual teachings I have studied. 

Unfortunately, I will not discuss Reality Transurfing anymore. Not in Reality Transurfing terms anyway.

Unless they fall from that pedestal and realize this needs to be shared.

Openly and FREELY, the way Infinite Intelligence designed it to be.

Peace out and Namaste, Kathie

Update: May 3, 2021, Read this post for more: www.kathieowen.com/blog/reality-transurfing-2


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