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My House was Stolen From Me!

courage Oct 05, 2020

My house was stolen from me. I know it sounds crazy but it was. I trusted a Judge and a Jesus freak. I won't do that again.

I trusted the Judge as I thought he stood for what is right and would never actually do what he did.

The Jesus freak is the judge's ex-wife. Her company name is JSUS and yes that stands for Jesus.

Here is a link to the video on the whole process. All lawyers are named and linked in the video.

Below is the letter sent to Wells Fargo when they asked about the deed. 

You see I no longer live in this house. I was evicted (wrongfully, see video) in September 2018. 

And the mortgage is still in my name to this day.

The Judge sent me a lawsuit in July of 2020 asking for an ungodly amount of money and for me to transfer the title over to him. Okay, that was weird.

That lawsuit never went through.

Then in September 2020, I was sued in this Judge's court for a credit card that I did not pay back when my bankruptcy was filed. He is a justice of the peace. Usually, a credit card will sue you in district court, not JP court. And not for only $1,400. Yup, that was the measly amount.

The entire thing seemed shady. But then what do you expect from a shady Judge and a Jesus Freak. Story continues.....

Letter to Wells Fargo: BTW they can do nothing. So we wait......

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as the owner of this mortgage with your company about the title transfer. Yes I am aware of this. Yes it is illegal. I have been robbed. 

In 2010 I went into financial troubles. I had Gary Janssen who is a Justice of the Peace in Fort Bend County present himself to me as a friend who was going to help me out, prior to foreclosure. 

I thought he bought my house from me in 2010. He was going to let me live there and pay rent. I was under this assumption from 2010 to 2017.

His company was GDJ Enterprises.  He and his wife got a divorce and my house was part of that divorce. He then transferred title again to JSUS (yes that stands for Jesus - insert eye roll).

I trusted him because he was, and still is to this day, a Justice of the Peace in Fort Bend County. I took for granted that he would do everything properly and according to the law. Obviously, it was not legal or done correctly.

I was going to get a mortgage to get a new house in 2017. A banker told me I could not get a mortgage because the Wells Fargo Mortgage was still in my name, much to my surprise.

I asked JSUS to get the mortgage out of my name and she did not. She then asked me to move out in December of 2017.

I hired an attorney in January 2018. I was misled by several attorneys, 3 to be exact. They all told me I could get my house back. They were wrong.

In September 2018 (exactly 2 years ago) I was <wrongfully> evicted from my house. Gary used his constable and connections to get me evicted. They eventually stopped the eviction by forcing me to agree to buy my house. This would mean I’d buy my house from myself!!!

I moved out of the house October 31, 2018. I let it go. But they never took the mortgage out of my name, to this day.

They sold the house in December, 2019. I suspect it was sold by them, and leased by them. The title/deed is still in their names.

In July of 2020 I was mailed a legal document from JSUS and Gary Janssen. They requested a clear title, asking me to pay them for $25,000 in legal fees. That was never actually filed in the courts.

In September 2020, I was served the most recent lawsuit.This lawsuit has nothing to do with the house but Gary Janssen is involved. You see, this is in Gary’s court. It is a credit card I did not pay during bankruptcy (which was later dismissed). I guess Gary contacted the funding company and asked them to file this lawsuit in his court. This has nothing to do with the house but it is in Gary’s court. 

I feel harassed by Gary Janssen. All due to the fact that the mortgage is still in my name.

I simply want the mortgage out of my name. I will do whatever is necessary to do this. I am willing to work with them. They have not even asked me to help. I guess they stand to lose money if this happens

In closing, yes the title is dirty. I doubt you can do anything about this. But I am documenting it here. I no longer live there or have anything to do with the house. I feel this is why the other party continues to harass me.

I would work with JSUS if they would ask. And if they would work kindly, and in a fair and just manner. I just do not think the words kind, fair, and just are in their vocabulary. This is sad for a company that claims to represent Jesus; and a Justice of the Peace who actually holds an office in the name of justice for the United States of America. 

Please advise as soon as possible.


Kathie Owen


Notes about the house/video

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This video is LONG! If you want you can listen in your car or skip to the end (time stamp) and see where victory steps in!!

Or count how many times I was afraid. Today’s video is very unique. I open up about one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had in my life and that is my house was stolen from me. Yes, I said stolen!

I give all the details in this video. I want you to count how many times I say “I was so afraid.” or “It was extremely scary.” Because it truly was. I want you to put yourself in my shoes, maybe not with my exact story but with yours. Your fears are lying to you. So were mine! I also want you to see that by the end of the video I figured out why I had to go through these things and how my life transformed in magic fashion.

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All the links about who did this? Mary Janssen owner of JSUS, LLC (no known links)

Gary Janssen is a well-known attorney and Justice of the Peace in Fort Bend County.

Attorneys involved:

Vy Nguyen knows immigration law very well. Divorce, custody and especially real estate - not so much. Evident in my experience with her.


Jesse Aguinaga, Houston-based bankruptcy attorney. Jesse was probably the best attorney I had but he made me nervous. He scared me to death. Once I paid him he questioned me, but in reality, he had “suddenly” realized what he promised me was law was not, and I was screwed. So I had to have another case inside my bankruptcy case which of course cost more money.

….Enter Clay Vilt. Clay Vilt, great guy, gave me some of the best advice ever. He told me that if it was him he would take that $5,000 and move on. Use that $5k to move out and get a new place, rip the rearview mirror off and forget it ever happened. However, I didn’t listen to him.

When Clay was not talking about himself, which he did quite often, he must be thinking about where his next dollar was coming from, and definitely not my case. Watch the video and see how he panned out for me.

The other team’s attorney, the one that talked about blow jobs in the federal courtroom (before the judge entered of course), yeah real classy guy. Not sure what this guy's first name is, but his last name is Fisher and this is his law firm's website:

Perhaps I should start a gofundme page or something….Cuz this shit got expensive and is still costing me money to this day!! Even though they sold the house, got ALL of the equity, and then some, still kept the mortgage in my name.

Regardless, I do not live in fear, I stay true to my mental diet now lifestyle, know that there are infinite solutions to one problem, and trust the process. I stand in courage! Who’s with me?


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