Reality Transurfing and Stop the Mind Screw with Kathie

"Dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment are the pendulum's favorite dishes." - Vadim Zeland

Wouldn't it be easier if we identified those pendulums and decided what energy to give them? Yes, it would! And that's why I created this free download on "Learning How to Dance with Pendulums" 

Stop the mind screw today. Get your power back! 

You are here for a reason. Reality Transurfing is about reality creation and more. 

Use the power of your mind to get what you want out of life. 

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If lack of fulfillment and dissatisfaction is the pendulum's favorite dishes? Wouldn't you like to know how to keep them from pulling you into the unfulfilled world? NEW, created by Kathie, here is a guide sure to help you dance with pendulums! 

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Reality Transurfing - What NOW?

Are the teachers of Reality Transurfing (Vadim Zeland and Renee Garcia) using the pendulums and principles to instill fear, judgment, and bully others? Blog post up now! -Monday, November 15, 2021

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Vadim is Like A Child Holding the Book and Won't Share!

What just happened? Vadim finally took control over the Facebook Group which was being run by his protege and now tyrant running wild with her power, Renee Garcia. 

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Who is Blacklisted Now?

More drama in the Reality Transurfing world. As you may or may not know there is a blacklist and in this post I talk about who is blacklisted now! 😮 

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Something is Wrong with Reality Transurfing

In May, 2021 Renee Garcia bullied others and actually went a little bit off the deep end. Things are getting more and more interesting and the drama continues. Importance too, it seems! 

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Why I Quit Talking About Reality Transurfing

I quit talking about Reality Transurfing. There is something inherently wrong with trademarking a book that is public domain. Click here to read the blog post on this.

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Video About Reality Transurfing

And Stop the Mind Screw, how they are related and what I talk about now!


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Stop giving your power away to the pendulum - aka thought structures that are everywhere that everyone thinks. Learn how to dance with them now!

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