Reality Transurfing What Now?

reality transurfing Nov 15, 2021

Let's discuss what is going on in the Reality Transurfing world namely with Vadim Zeland and Renee Garcia.

Let's just say it's more fear-based and bullying. Are they only using the book and teachings to help themselves and hurt others?

Vadim Zeland is breeding fear with his recent posts (linked below) on the vaccine. I don't get it. Could he be using his own philosophies to spread fear?

Now I am not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. But if you have read anything I posted you know  that:

  • I am anti-fear.
  • And anti-conspiracy theories.

I have my feelings on the vaccine and they 100% come from my Higher Self. And that is between me and my Higher Self!

I feel spreading fear in the name of propaganda is wrong. And Vadim is doing just that.  (posts linked below)

These posts in particular: the pictures are in Russian so you can't translate the photos but you can translate the posts into English and get the idea.

  • Post 1.
  • Post 2.  
  • (Note: you may have to hit translation to read in English.)

I've noticed his posts keep leaning more towards "fear" and not faith. It's odd to me.

  • Why would he want to do that?
  • What reality is he helping create?
  • What pendulum is he feeding?
  • And what pendulum is he provoking in others?
  • Especially those who follow him out of the pendulum of his name! 😮

Rene Garcia, his blacklisted protege, is no better. I do not follow her but have friends tell me from time to time that she has also gone off the deep end.

I already knew that when she bullied those in the Facebook group. Those who could have benefited from her teaching/coaching.

She appeared to be pushing those who really needed her help away. And then leaning more toward her following and what she gains.

She did this one post that put herself on a pedestal (importance) saying how no one teaching this kind of stuff was using sexuality as a tool. Odd in the oddest of ways. 

She says and I quote: "I realized quickly however that there were not many people in the self-development space that were bringing a flirty or sexy vibe to their game or message. I acknowledged that the main players in this realm are either old white dudes or frumpy women and other people that had zero sex appeal."

"Old white dudes?" "Frumpy women?" "People that had zero sex appeal?" Really Renee? Judge much??

She goes on to quote the book: "the golden rule of Transurfing: allow yourself to be you and allow others to be themselves." That she used against her haters.

Haters being: those that called her out for judging others in her own post where she says "allow yourself to be you and allow others to be themselves." 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

WTF?! Contradictory teaching!! Or using the book to only help yourself.

So of course the haters are going to come at her! She's mean and bullying and judgemental. Who would want that in a coach or teacher? Only those blindly following her pendulum.

This is NOT how I coach at Stop the Mind Screw. I call those out who bully and harass these people that are seeking this knowledge.

Did you know that Reality Transurfing is my most popular page every single week? I wonder why?

I hope it is because people are looking for teachers who are kind and respectful. And do not bully you for how you look, how you think, or how you act. 🧡🧡🧡

But in fact, practice the golden rule of life. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

IN KINDNESS AND IN FAITH! Not bullying or fear-based!! That's how I roll. Who's with me? 😁