What do you want? What is YOUR definite cheif aim?

Download your template to help you decide the actions you need to take for each and every goal.Those goals can be anything: relationship, health and wellness, finances, home, car, you name it.  Included is a sample of one of my own. It will help guide you to yours!

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What do you want?

So many do not even know the answer to this question. But have no fear. That is where Stop The Screw starts. Watch the video, be sure to download your template to help you establish what you want. Look at all your goals, relationship, health, finances, work, and more. You got this!

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Welcome to Stop the Mind Screw!

Hello, Kathie Owen here! Creator of "Stop the Mind Screw!" 

As a survivor of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Narcissistic Abuse I know a thing or two about mind screwing!

However, I also learned along the way how to harness this very dysfunctional habit and create something more powerful than you know.

And today I teach this method through my coaching, content, courses, and community!


The struggle is real! I know!

  • We think in excess of 90,000 thoughts a day.
  • Are YOU aware of those thoughts?
  • Did you know that those thoughts dominate your life?

SIGN UP NOW AND GET YOUR 5-DAY JOURNEY NOW. Be the first to know about coaching, courses, and content on Stop The Mind Screw! We all do it! But when we do we are GIVING OUR POWER AWAY!

Take your power back and take control of your life with this awesome ideal! Stop the mind screw today.


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