Your Lung Strength Could Save Your Life!

fitness menopause Sep 07, 2021

Take a deep breath right now!

You'd be surprised at how many people do not know the proper way to do this. That is if you want to build strong lungs.


  • More energy
  • Stamina
  • Combat viruses that attack the lungs - easily
  • Improve oxygen levels in your body

All of this and more are described in the video today.

This book, mentioned in the video, by John Assaraf, Innercise, is one of the best teachers of deep breathing for relaxation and stress relief and more. 

Why do you want to build strong lungs? 

  1. Combat COVID and other respiratory infections
  2. Build a strong immune system
  3. Eliminate those toxins - 75% of them to be exact
  4. Improve stamina and energy all day long
  5. Get Oxygen going through your body better.

Watch the video now to learn all about this.

Want the cheat sheet that goes with this? 


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Motivation Is A Funny Thing

"I lack motivation." This is the number 1 reason clients give me for not working out.

Oh, I get it. In fact, I just hit a wall myself.

Instead of the word "motivation" let's use "mindset."

Why? Because motivation changes daily. If you control your thoughts you can control your mindset. Motivation is not so easily controlled.

Watch the video here!

I had a DESIRE to work out on a regular basis. I lost motivation. I had a DESIRE to stop sleeping in and hit the gym. 

I needed to do this for my health and wellness. 

But I love sleeping. My old vehicle was using an alarm to help but that was not working.

My conflict was I was getting groggy in the afternoons, having brain fog, and bad headaches when waking up. <I knew my fitness could relieve all of this, but I lacked motivation.>

What if I didn't get back in the gym? I knew I was going to have worse headaches and serious weight gain. And the brain fog was growing cobwebs.

My new opportunity - I get very motivated...

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Outwitting the Devil and Other People's Thinking

 Propaganda is any device, plan, or method by which people can be influenced without knowing that they are being influenced or the source of the influence. 

How often do we encounter propaganda and let it draw us into fear? It is so EASY to do in today's world.

I often compare propaganda to pendulums in Reality Transurfing. A pendulum is simply a thought that everyone else is thinking and only wants your energy.

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Examples of pendulums are:

  • political parties
  • sports teams
  • places you work
  • the news
  • social media
  • celebrities
  • people
  • religions

Pendulums are not "bad". They can become "bad" when they get your energy and drain you.


Let's talk about how to counteract propaganda and what we can do to find FAITH over FEAR!

Watch the video Kathie did here!

From the book:

"I mix propaganda with the news of the world. I have it taught in public and private schools. I see that it...

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Control Your Mind Outwitting the Devil

"Those who control and use their minds escape my web." The Devil in Outwitting the Devil

Control and use your mind - that is the basic premise of Stop the Mind Screw! 

In today's video, I discuss a time when I had severe depression. I know a thing or two about depression and mind screwing myself right into the devil's web.

Click Here to Watch now!

Enter Shary Davis, my wonderful therapist who saved my life. Literally!

She taught me the Victim-Victimizer Cycle and how that even went on inside our own minds. I was in victim and then I victimized myself out of happiness.

I was in major pain. Both physically and mentally.

I became aware of my thought habits and my self-talk and changed it up using a mental diet. 

Steps of Stop the Mind Screw: Go from thoughts of sadness and glum to simple thoughts in the zone!

  1. What do you want?
  2. Go on a mental diet.
  3. Analyze your self-talk.
  4. What are your thought habits? And habits in general.
  5. Healing and revision
  6. Get in flow also known as the...
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Simply Think About This and Watch Things Change

stop the mind screw Aug 11, 2021

Standing in a federal courtroom, all alone, I hear the news come from the judge. "Yes we will proceed with the eviction."

It was August 2018. I had just been through 8 grueling months of a legal battle for my home. I was misled by 3 attorneys and this guy, Clay Vilt, my last attorney had just let me down.

We had been through an emergency deposition on August 17. It was an emergency because of this very court date.

Yet when the judge asked my attorney what he had prepared for this day, he said, "I have nothing, your honor."

Now I'm not an attorney but something was totally off here. Yes, he had let me down. For $5,000 I got absolutely nothing.

I should have listened to him when he told me to take that $5,000, get a new place, tear off the rearview mirror and never look back.

In hindsight, I do think that the attorneys had all gotten together and decided the easiest way to end this battle was for my attorney to let me down. And boy did he ever accomplish that!

This blog post is not...

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6 Things to Avoid In The Morning

Stop mind screwing yourself out of your power. Avoid these 6 things in the morning to empower your day and change your life! You got this!!

Avoid these things in the morning

1. Checking social media. You are just asking for a mind screw when you do this first thing in the morning. Why would you want to start your day with drama?

Trust me it will be there when you get finished with your healthy morning routine. Plus your mindset will be in a much better place. Need help with a morning routine? 


2. Along the same mind screw is checking email. Just stay away from the screen! It will be there when you get done with a healthy morning routine.

You are very likely to get bad news in the email. Why let that spoil your day? Even if you think it will be great news, it will be there when you check it later!

3. Jumping right out of bed. Don't do this. Lay there for a moment. Put a smile on your face, even if no one is looking. When you smile you send signals to your brain...

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Mindset Coaching For You

All great coaches have coaches!

My first experience with a mindset coach took place over 20 years ago! This created a safe space for me to share my thoughts authentically without judgment.

From there I was able to strategize and figure out what I wanted and my next steps.

Reading books and taking courses only set you so far ....working with a coach made all aspects of my life expand into greatness!! ALL OF THEM!

Why work with me? I lean in on almost 20+ years of real-world, corporate, spiritual experience and numerous coaching-related training.

I meet you where you are in your journey. Together we get creative, strategize, and build a realistic action plan to make your vision a reality.

At the same time, I will be teaching you invaluable skills and tools that will guide you through your transformation.

Want to know more? Email me at [email protected] or sign up today for content updates and more: 

Stop the Mind Screw has some big plans coming soon! Subscribe and...

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What You Resist Persists

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2021

"Either get the vaccine in the next 2 weeks or we accept your resignation." This was the subject of a meeting at my corporate job, that I love, last Wednesday.

I was not vaccinated so this meant me!

I have been with the company for 8.5 years and I was not about to give up my beloved job over a stupid shot.

So I got it. And while I had my doubts about it, I did it anyway. And this blog post explains why.

I was very upset at first. Then the owner of the company met with me personally. I understood her reasoning.

I honestly feel better about getting the vaccine. My mom wanted me to get it too. I see others who did not get it, get very sick. 

Even though I trust my immune system I see this as necessary.

I am not anti-vaccine, I am also not pro-vaccine. I am in the middle of the road.

I think for myself and I avoid conspiracies dressed in fear.

If it brings me an ounce of fear I drop it!

If it messes with my chi, I let it go.

I sat with my circumstances before me for a minute. I...

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Outwitting the Devil and Food

"What have you been eating?" This question is common in my everyday practice as a Certified Fitness Trainer since 2002.

 I remember the day I was training one of my clients. His heart rate quickly escalated to the 170s and his comfort was the 120s. I knew something was off.

I told him to stop what he was doing and sit down for a minute.

I asked him what he had to eat before coming to the gym.

He regretable announced that he had a burger, fries, and a regular coke. WTH! 

Your food affects so much and it is important to understand what the devil talks about in Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

Click Here to watch the video now!

The thing is food is good! And there are a lot of great foods out there. 

What one must do is develop self-discipline and stop eating so much.

How about getting a meal you love, taking half of it to-go and eating it later. Instead of eating the entire portion of food at once.

Practice Ho'oponopono on everything you eat. I say "I love you....

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Drifting - Outwitting the Devil

"I can't make it today." Those are the words from my client I am about to lose and let me tell you why.

As a Certified Fitness Trainer and Wellness Director at OCuSOFT, I am "free" to the team.

Because I am free they have to make a commitment to themselves for their workouts to be consistent.

They begin to easily "drift" as the devil calls it in Outwitting the Devil.

How does one prevent this? Come up with a solid "WHY." 

This is Step #1 in Stop the Mind Screw - "what do you want." Want help with this? Download this simple template that guides you on what you want.

When you have a solid "what do you want" you are very likely to stick to it, especially when tempted.

And I promise temptations will come! Heck, the devil plays on this.

Outwitting the Devil is the best book I have read to date (and I've read a lot) on mindset.

Watch the video here!

Whether you believe the devil to be real or imaginary, the fact remains, there is an evil force that exists in your mind- for 98% of us,...

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