TW Davis YMCA is Closed Permanently

fitness fitness after 50 Nov 22, 2021

The YMCA is not so "C" anymore and here's why.

Over the weekend I posted in my stories about the YMCA closing permanently after closing for over a year with COVID.

They fired everyone, myself included, via email. Listed below.  Rude and shocking!! 😮

The email came just days after the CEO of OCuSOFT told me they were going to re-open the gym. So naturally, I thought the YMCA was following suit.

Mind you in December of 2020 I had been with this YMCA for 20 years. I basically "grew up" there in my fitness career. And my boys were little when I exercised there.

But they fired us all. Here's the email:

TW Davis YMCA Family, 
The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all. The YMCA of Greater Houston was not immune to the devastation and was greatly impacted. With a $50 million revenue loss, it forced us to strategically evaluate the best way in which to adapt in order to resume our membership and wellness operations in a new and very different environment.
Last year we completed an Appreciative Community Building Process to learn how we might deepen our impact and do more for the Richmond/Rosenberg community. During the process, it was understood that the need in this area was great and critical issues must continue to be addressed by the YMCA. However this process also identified that our current facility was in need of redevelopment in order to best meet the needs of our community. As a result, we are in the planning stages of a capital campaign and exploring options for a newly designed and developed TW Davis Family YMCA, a facility that will provide opportunities to collaborate with key community partners while providing necessary programs and services to our community.  
The pandemic also forced us to implement measures within our workforce to ensure the viability of our organization. Unfortunately, the unexpectedly severe and ongoing nature of the crisis now necessitates that we make some difficult personnel decisions.This letter is the official notification that your current employment with the YMCA of Greater Houston will be terminated effective April 16, 2021.You are eligible for rehire with the YMCA of Greater Houston and we encourage you to view available positions on our website to identify any that meet your skills, abilities and experience. Visit for more details.
We know that this is a difficult and uncertain time for many. We are committed to assist and support you in any way we can. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at [email protected]

WTH is an "Appreciative Community Building Process"???? I'd like to know as that was the reason we were fired via email in bold????? How rude!?

Yeah, not so kind. And to this date: November 2021, 7 months later, nothing has happened at that YMCA. They did bring in a dumpster which was also removed.

I suspect something suspicious going on!! It appears to be along the lines of the culture nowadays.

I had over 30 people in my Silver Sneakers class on Fridays. And Water Aerobics was just as packed. The older adults loved this YMCA and were very active!! And generous with their money. 

Did I mention the entire property is paid for as it was donated by TW Davis?? And they have been closed and not paying their staff as we were all put on furlough since April 2020.

I am beyond disappointed in the YMCA of Houston. Did they just go with what the culture wanted? I think so. 

Not very "Christian" IMO!

In closing I want to say, I never worked at the Y for money. It was always part-time. Heck I'd have worked there for free. I did it for my love of the way fitness changes life, especially the older adults. For they truly appreciated my work. They loved when I was their instructor and they told me that. I miss them! And they needed the Y!

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