5 Simple Steps to Building a Good Habit

Do you have that one key thing? It is required to succeed. That is a HABIT!

Let me help you with this tried and true method that is simple and easy to apply to any habit you can think conceive!

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You see it every January. New Year's Resolutions, "I am going to hit the gym this year." 

January is the worst time of the year in the gym for those who exercise regularly. Why? Because it is full of those new year resolutions folks. 

After being a trainer, and in the gym, for over 20 years now I know what to expect. Most fall off the wagon by the end of the month. And all are gone by the end of February.

Why? Because they failed to make it a  habit. 

As he says in the book the Slight Edge, a habit is easy to do if you take it at small bits and pieces. BUT IT IS ALSO EASY NOT TO DO.

That is where this course comes in handy. I will hold your hand all along the way. I will also administer some tough love when it is necessary. 

Most need a balance of hand-holding and tough love.

In all honesty, I created this course for selfish reasons. I tire of hearing my clients come up with excuse after excuse of why they are not focusing on building strong habits. 

And when that happens, I promise ya, I am going to send them to this course.

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Simple and easy steps

Listed day by day with Kathie Owen. 

BONUS material check in on Days 15, 21, 30, 40 AND 66!!

In this online course, you will learn


Very simple and tried and true method to apply to any habit.

Day 1: The Motto: Be Better Today Than Yesterday!

Day 2: You will learn how and why slow and steady wins the race. And why running like a rabbit never wins the habit race.

Day 3: You will learn how to have a true SLIGHT EDGE.

Day 4: You will learn what to do when it gets hard.

Day 5: Obstacles become excuses. Be Stronger Than Your Excuses


Day 15: Learn tips to keep staying consistent.

Day 21: This is (technically) how long it takes to create a true habit. If you are struggling here I will jump in with more tips!

Day 30: We will discuss celebrating victories big and small. 🥇

Day 40: This one is a secret but I will give you a hint: Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.

Day 66: Studies show that it truly takes 66 days to create a strong habit. Let's see how you did! 

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