Mental Diets are Crucial for Success

If we think in excess of 90,000 thoughts a day, consider the quality of those thoughts.

Do you ever think of that?

Now that's food for thought - pun intended!

In today's video, I discuss some pitfalls of not following a mental diet and solutions to those pitfalls.

You can watch the video right here!!

Here are the 3 pitfalls I discuss:

  1.  Recognize how you talk to yourself? What are you thinking?
  2. Identify your thought habits.
  3. No thought control? I have your solutions


  1. Picture a positive slide
  2. Monitor your self-talk
  3. Do NOT shame yourself. Do NOT dwell on negative thoughts.
  4. Eventually, it will become a lifestyle.

Be sure to watch the video now!

Want to stop the mind screw?  Below is a road map of this program and a free guide on a mental diet. Learn all about it right here!! 

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Facebook, Its a Funny Thing

Facebook, to me it is the very worst social media platform out there! IMO! 

#1 Reason I dislike Facebook - the news I see on my feed was crap. What I used to see was 90% FEAR-based crap. You know, those complaining about how bad things are, or talking about conspiracy theories out the ass. Like I always say, "If it instills one ounce of fear, check with your Inner Voice, find LOVE, and move on!"

#2 (which has to do with #3) My page Kathie's Coaching is very limited to who sees my information. Facebook algorithm is rigged around $$ for them. I get that. But how are people going to see my page? Oh, that's right I need to create a group for my page. Or I need to pay for ads for Kathie's Coaching.

I have 2 groups. Combat Aging with Wellness (for my fitness over 50) and Stop the Mind Screw (for mindset inspiration). 

#3 Facebook can block you and restrict you for reasons they see fit. I was recently "restricted" from posting on Facebook for complex reasons I could not...

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How to Improve Your Power!

The very first thought you have in the day is probably the most powerful tool in your thought habit toolbox.

What is your first thought of the day? I know, you probably do not even think until you've had your coffee. I can relate, but you get the point.

Maybe this will help, "What is your prominent thought first thing in the morning?" Yes even after that cup of coffee!

In today's video, I discuss this very thing. 

I give a personal story about how I used to face my mornings and how I had so many limiting beliefs! I had no freaking idea that my thought quality was so low my friends!

Top mistakes I see when it comes to thoughts first thing in the morning:

  • Not even paying attention, that was me!
  • Those limiting beliefs quickly spill over into your day and can blow things up!

There will be undesired outcomes:

  • There are laws of the Universe. One of those is the fact that thoughts are things.
  • Another one is what you resist persists. In my story, I show you how I was resisting...
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No More Resolutions, Instead Change Your Identity!

Have you ever noticed that New Year Resolutions do not stick? Well here is why and Five steps to real and lasting change. Do this instead of creating resolutions.

The 5 steps to real and lasting change are:

  1. Behavior - before anything can change in your life


  1. Environment
  2. Beliefs
  3. Values
  4. Identity

This is the empowering way to create a habit and I discuss this and then some. I bring in Reality Transurfing Principles and Power vs Force by Dr David Hawkins


By the end of the video, you ought to understand how to REALLY create a resolution that will change your identity.

Be sure to check in next Thursday when we discuss how to check the quality of your thoughts first thing in the morning to transform your day in magic fashion!! Hope to see you there, Kathie

Let's transform your life in magic fashion!



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Find Faith Like This!

This week's virtue is Faith, and Trust The Process.

I remember back when I bought Body Designer from Ms. Sally Nelson. I entered her store one day to visit. It was dark and her little Yorkie was sitting in the chair just inside the door.

I slowly walked to the back room expecting her to be passed out or hurt from a traumatic robbery. 

Instead, I walked in to find her cooking on the stove, back to the door, and when I said hello she did not even startle. 

I asked her "Aren't you afraid?" She quickly placed her hand on her hip and said. "Now honey, don't you believe in Jesus Christ?"

She had a point. The woman was 90 years old and was wise in her ways. Where is your faith? Where are you trusting the process? 

This week venture out and give it some thought. Create healthy thought habits by trusting the process and putting your faith in what is right, true, and pure. 

Let me know how this works for you!

Do you enjoy this layout of Ben Franklin Virtues? Want to...

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What Are You Thinking?

Thoughts are things. There is no way around it. What you are thinking presents your reality. 

Most are totally unaware of their thoughts. But it is imperative to consider exactly what you are thinking because it creates your reality.

No worries if you do not know this yet. I am going to teach you. In fact, I am going to start a live series on titled "What are you thinking?" And we are going to break down your thought habits to identify answers to your most pressing problems.

Here is how I identified thoughts that were hurting me not helping me over the weekend.

I came home from work Friday to my beloved dog being in major pain. He could barely walk and his demeanor was not the same.

This little rescue dog is my world. I am very attached to him. He has been in my life for almost 10 years now. And he has been the light of my life on my darkest days. Not to mention here, my boyfriend of 7 years now, Eddie appears to love this dog more than me. And that says A LOT!

I seriously...

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Ah-Ha Moments 12.11.20

“Seek First to Understand, Than to be Understood” Steven Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Habit 5) *

*Link is to book on Amazon and is an affiliate link, a small portion of your purchase will go to me so I can create more content like this at not additional cost to you,

I have to tell you about an incident that happened to me at work. Please know that I believe that everyone is me pushed out, therefore, I do not talk about others. However, if it is perceived that way, know that I am talking about myself. 

It was the Wednesday before the holiday weekend and all the departments were leaving early. Typical for all the 8 years I have worked in this company. And it was 3:00.

We have a gal who only takes temperature screenings 2 times per day at the front office.

She came to me asked if I could relieve her and I could not because I was busy doing another task. 

She said she thought it would be okay for her to leave for the day as no one was...

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Information Addiction


This is my speech from the other day on Information Addiction. One of the questions I had was “How to handle information addiction?” Great question.

I didn’t have enough time to go over that, my speech was limited to 5-7 minutes or I’d be disqualified in Toastmasters. But that is what I teach!!!

So today I am going to answer that. Simply and succinctly.

Tim Ferris, you know the author of the book 4 Hour Work Week, calls it an “Information Diet” and I highly recommend it. Here is his blog post on it! 

Instead of going all in, try to  be 1% today than yesterday.

An information diet is like a mental diet. Become aware of how often you turn to your device during the day.

Especially during boring times.

Instead turn your focus to something else in the outside world. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel?

How much is your screen time? Try to reduce that by 1% every single day. It’s easy really!

If you...

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Don't Let Procrastination Stop You!

thought habits Oct 28, 2020

The biggest frustration of many of my clients is 'PROCRASTINATION.' If that is you this week is a great week to pay attention.

I am going to give you some tough love when it comes to this week's idea from our 13-week program with Ben Franklin. Every time you want to put something off, I want to be in your ear saying, "DO IT NOW!" 

One thing I admire about Eddie (that's my boyfriend for those of you who do not know ) is he gets things done. He puts things away the moment he's finished using them. Because he does this he is very organized. I strive to be like that, especially when I feel procrastination rear it's an ugly face.

I remind myself "DO IT NOW!"

Do you procrastinate? This week is for you. Pay close attention to the side-bar below. You may even want to repeat this week often. 

Remember, you can do this. Hang in there! We are building virtues here that will last a lifetime and bring a happy, healthy life.

How are you going to apply this week's virtue?

Have you taken...

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Quit Trying to Change Others Do This Instead

Do you ask, “How can I manifest my ex-lover, an old job, an old friend back into my life?” This question is often asked of me when coaching clients.  The better question to ask is WHY do you want them back?

Oftentimes we need to realize that we can’t change others. But we can change ourselves, our mindset, our confidence. When we change these things in our life we gain POWER! And that power is what takes us to better things. We can’t go back to that ex because now we are changed. And that change makes us better.

We are in a better place and that old place was not good for us. The Universe will bring us something better. Just trust!


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