How to Tell if Your Thinking is Accurate


It's that time again, Benjamin Franklin Virtue Building Day.

Accurate thinking is the virtue of the week.

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We have all heard this quote by Einstein. But do we really apply it?

Look at my toxic positivity gal! She is right in her thinking that there are some things in this world that need to be fixed!! Yes absolutely.

But her way of going about things is not accurate thinking.

What do I mean by this? Well, she FORCES people to follow her opinions and beliefs, thinking it will change the world. And if you DO NOT AGREE WITH HER, she will bully the crap out of you. 

That includes huge businesses, fitness influencers who are really doing things wrong and fighting against white, skinny, etc (fill in the blank) privilege.

Toxic positivity gal calls everyone out thinking they will change. I have news for her, they will not. And...

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How to Think With Power!

What is your very first thought in the morning? Did you know that single thought can influence your entire day in a very powerful way?

Begin understanding this and you will transform your life in magic fashion! Let's look at this. Let's begin to explore how our thoughts affect our lives.

If we think over 90,0000 thoughts a day, what is the first thought we think in our day? Is it one of empowerment or one of force?

Today I begin a discussion called "What are you thinking?" And I help YOU evaluate your thoughts and decipher which thoughts are helping you and which thoughts are not helpful at all!

Join me! 

Link to listen and watch on YouTube.

In today's episode, I start my series on What Are YOU Thinking? 

I help others analyze their thoughts to identify the quality of their thoughts.

Easily identify limiting beliefs and learn how to move up on the scales of consciousness which is pictured below

Let's talk about a lesson I learned a long time ago from Betty Eadie in...

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What Are You Thinking?

Thoughts are things. There is no way around it. What you are thinking presents your reality. 

Most are totally unaware of their thoughts. But it is imperative to consider exactly what you are thinking because it creates your reality.

No worries if you do not know this yet. I am going to teach you. In fact, I am going to start a live series on titled "What are you thinking?" And we are going to break down your thought habits to identify answers to your most pressing problems.

Here is how I identified thoughts that were hurting me not helping me over the weekend.

I came home from work Friday to my beloved dog being in major pain. He could barely walk and his demeanor was not the same.

This little rescue dog is my world. I am very attached to him. He has been in my life for almost 10 years now. And he has been the light of my life on my darkest days. Not to mention here, my boyfriend of 7 years now, Eddie appears to love this dog more than me. And that says A LOT!

I seriously...

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Is Positivity Toxic? WTF!

I first heard this term about a year ago. It just feels wrong to me. But I truly wanted to understand this concept so I did some research. I now understand why and when someone would view thinking positively as toxic. But positivity itself is NOT toxic. What is toxic? FORCED positivity.

Who came up with this term anyhow? First of all, positivity is not even a real word. And second of all, if it were the two terms do not go together. It is a true oxymoron.

So what is toxic positivity? Well, I find it to be when something really tragic happens and someone tells you, "Everything happens for a reason." or "Just think positive it will be over soon." That my friends are forcing positive vibes on someone who needs to grieve. That is FORCED positivity. 

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Study the diagram of consciousness by David Hawkins. It...

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