3 Ways You Will Stand Out

You see them everywhere on your Facebook feed. Friends selling lashes, makeup, candles, workout attire (really cute stuff), jewelry, and even teas. Yup teas! If you are one of those folks selling online you will want to read this blog post. 


Do you want to appeal to your customer? Abso-freaking-lutley! If not then skip this post!


I have 3 tips for you! But before I get to those tips, remember selling is not about YOU! Never forget that. This is outer intention 101.


Inner intention is about you, it’s what you hope to acquire. Maybe that is the sale. Your sales will expound by leaps and bounds if you use Outer Intention. That’s a Reality Transurfing term but I am about to explain what it is and how it works. I have to tell you a story first.


It seems every gal I know is selling something on Facebook and starting a new group or following to join them on their journey. So if everyone is doing this, what are YOU going to do to stand out? Hang...

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