How to Start Your Day with Clarity and Focus

Stop the mind screw my friend. Getting clarity and focus to start your day can and will drastically improve your life.

And it's simple. Let's discuss.

I get it. I used to be one to sleep until the last possible minute. But then something changed.


I found a morning routine that I just love and I also love how it changed my life - for the better!! And think about this: it's more important than getting that extra hour or two of sleep.

Here are 8 tips to help you get more clarity and focus to start your day!

#1. Make sure you get a reasonable amount of sleep. Schedule 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I get it this might be difficult for some. But when you do #6 correctly you will have no problem sleeping.

This might mean going to bed earlier and having an evening routine that will encourage your sleep.

#2. Take 5 minutes of stillness. Do this first thing upon waking. Just lay there in bed and intentionally smile. Immerse yourself in all 5 senses and set "great" intentions for the...

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6 Things to Avoid In The Morning

Stop mind screwing yourself out of your power. Avoid these 6 things in the morning to empower your day and change your life! You got this!!

Avoid these things in the morning

1. Checking social media. You are just asking for a mind screw when you do this first thing in the morning. Why would you want to start your day with drama?

Trust me it will be there when you get finished with your healthy morning routine. Plus your mindset will be in a much better place. Need help with a morning routine? 


2. Along the same mind screw is checking email. Just stay away from the screen! It will be there when you get done with a healthy morning routine.

You are very likely to get bad news in the email. Why let that spoil your day? Even if you think it will be great news, it will be there when you check it later!

3. Jumping right out of bed. Don't do this. Lay there for a moment. Put a smile on your face, even if no one is looking. When you smile you send signals to your brain...

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10 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life

The most simple way to change your life is to change how you face your mornings. Stop mind screwing yourself out of your power.

Here are 10 Morning Habits that Will Change Your Life:

1. Wake up an hour early. I get it sleeping in that extra hour can feel so great. But did you know that extra sleep can actually make you feel more lethargic and less energetic? It can.

When you know this it makes waking up that extra hour a little easier. Plus you can get so much done in that hour. You'll be amazed.

Need help with a morning routine? Simply sign up below:


2. Drink a glass of water. Preferable hot lemon water. Did you know that lemon water has cleansing properties to help aid in digestion all day long? Plus other benefits as well. Try it!

3. Exercise. You knew I was going to say this. Movement of just 30 minutes in the morning particularly HIITs like I teach will help give you more energy all day long. And it doesn't matter your age or fitness level.

My 23-year-old son has...

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