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Don't Like It? Revise it!

Revision is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life.

And in today's video, I teach you about the pitfalls you hit when you do not use revision.

And simple solutions that happen when you do.

Watch the video now!

 What is the Pruning Shears of Revision? This is a great question. I am often asked this question because I refer to it over and over again as a solution to almost every problem. I discuss it in-depth in the video and Here is a link to a free pdf document and lecture by Neville Goddard himself. 

When is the best time to revise your day? At night before bed go over your day and see where you were reactive or things did not go as you would have preferred. Then revise those situations as you fall asleep. Why? Because your brain waves are optimal for revision. First thing in the morning is great too. Ideally, you want to revise as you fall asleep so your subconscious mind is clear.

  1. You continue being reactive
  2. There is no power there
  3. ...
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Money and Mind Control

Just in case you missed it, here is a recap of the Hump Day Bump Day with Natalie Kime and finances and mind control.

We started with the end in mind. No, seriously we did. Natalie's Facebook Cover states, "Start with the end in mind"

That is exactly how I start my programs. Just like Neville Goddard teaches.

Natalie does the same thing. She said that when she coaches her clients on finances she tells them to start with the end in mind. Where do you want to be? What is your end goal?

Step #1 in Stop the Mind Screw program is just that. What do you want? What is your main goal? Then picture that in full detail, using all 5 senses.

Step #2 is a Mental Diet. What are you thinking? Is it high-quality thoughts or low-quality thoughts? 

Natalie said when she first meets her clients they often shame themselves by not doing what they needed to do beforehand.

She tells them, "Get it all out on the table. And then leave it there. We then start from where you are." A mental diet does the...

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Why You May Be Missing Opportunities

mindset success habits Sep 22, 2020

“It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready.” Theodore Roosevelt

This picture depicts perfectly what it takes to seize an opportunity.

Do you pay attention to synchronicities when they arise? Sometimes people do not notice this when the time is right because they are so dang busy forcing things.

Sit back, rely on your power, it will come through at the right time and in the right place. 


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Where is Your Focus

The word of the day today is FOCUS. Why? Because I was looking at Tony Robbins 3 Patterns of FOCUS and decided this is good stuff! It needs to be shared!


What are you focused on right now? Think about that before reading further. I asked this question in my stories as well.


Now the 3 patterns of focus with Tony Robbins are as follows:

  1. Are you focusing on what’s missing from your life or what you are grateful for?
  2. Are you focusing on what you can control or what you can’t control?
  3. Are you focusing on the past, the present, or the future?





To be in the best state of mind/consciousness: Focus on what you are grateful for. Focus on what you can control. And focus on the present.


Anything else will put you on a lower scale of consciousness. Remember the consciousness scale in Power vs Force?

Any of the FORCE consciousness levels means that your...

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