6 Things to Avoid In The Morning

Stop mind screwing yourself out of your power. Avoid these 6 things in the morning to empower your day and change your life! You got this!!

Avoid these things in the morning

1. Checking social media. You are just asking for a mind screw when you do this first thing in the morning. Why would you want to start your day with drama?

Trust me it will be there when you get finished with your healthy morning routine. Plus your mindset will be in a much better place. Need help with a morning routine? 


2. Along the same mind screw is checking email. Just stay away from the screen! It will be there when you get done with a healthy morning routine.

You are very likely to get bad news in the email. Why let that spoil your day? Even if you think it will be great news, it will be there when you check it later!

3. Jumping right out of bed. Don't do this. Lay there for a moment. Put a smile on your face, even if no one is looking. When you smile you send signals to your brain...

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Mindset Coaching For You

All great coaches have coaches!

My first experience with a mindset coach took place over 20 years ago! This created a safe space for me to share my thoughts authentically without judgment.

From there I was able to strategize and figure out what I wanted and my next steps.

Reading books and taking courses only set you so far ....working with a coach made all aspects of my life expand into greatness!! ALL OF THEM!

Why work with me? I lean in on almost 20+ years of real-world, corporate, spiritual experience and numerous coaching-related training.

I meet you where you are in your journey. Together we get creative, strategize, and build a realistic action plan to make your vision a reality.

At the same time, I will be teaching you invaluable skills and tools that will guide you through your transformation.

Want to know more? Email me at [email protected] or sign up today for content updates and more: 

Stop the Mind Screw has some big plans coming soon! Subscribe and...

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Feel Abandoned? Read This!

"Call the airlines, I am sending your ass home!" These were the words out of Kenny's mouth Just 2 days into this trip. 

We were on a beautiful vacation in the Bahamas. Sure I should have listened to my dad when he said, "You haven't been dating long enough to travel with him, but you are a grown woman."

Click Here to Watch the Video Now!

I had only been dating Kenny for about 3 weeks when he asked if I wanted to join him on this extravagant 7 day trip to the Bahamas.

And yes this trip was planned months ahead of time with his previous girlfriend Donna.

She probably figured out what a creep Kenny was and broke up with him. I, on the other hand, missed the writing on the wall.

I immediately went into repair mode when he said this. Even though I had no idea what pissed him off.

Little did I know I should have taken him up on this offer and walked away forever. Like Donna did!


And I've been on...

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Mental Diet Meal Plan

What is a diet without a meal plan? Today we are going to discuss a meal plan for a mental diet.

Before we do. let's talk about some things that happen that can cause us to really need a mental diet.

In today's world we have access to so much information it can easily and quickly become a distraction.

Think about this, we have only had smartphones for about the last 10 years. The information we can get from our smartphones in a single moment is more than a lifetime for our ancestors. That right there is enough to say, "I need to take a break."

Our brains cannot handle that. We go into fight or flight in a single instant, when truly, for survival we should only need this response once or twice a day at the most.

How many times a day do you hit fight or flight? Think about that.

Our brains/minds experience anxiety, guilt, resentment, reactivity, anger, overwhelm, exhaustion, attachments, jealousy, revenge, more often than we like to admit. This can cause major problems with our...

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3 Reasons You Might Need a Mental Diet

 What is a mental diet? Great question. 

A mental diet is becoming aware of negative thoughts, don't dwell on them, and let them go. Don't shame yourself for thinking those thoughts, just let them go. That's it.

Simple but not easy. I think the reason why it is not easy is that we are so programmed to feel comfortable in negative thinking. As funny as it sounds we do find comfort in feeling bad.

Why? Maybe we get attention for this negativity. I know I used to. I mean the drama around my ex, his wife, and my kids was absolutely crazy. I could write a movie the drama was so good.

But this is not healthy. And actually, because giving energy to that drama - it only made things worse. A lot worse.

Sometimes things can get worse while doing a mental diet, ironically. Ya know, chaos proceeds the breakthrough.

But Emmet Fox says in his book The 7 Day Mental Diet, to stop the mental diet when things get a little chaotic. He says to give yourself some time and then start again...

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Get in the Zone Like This!

Today's video is all about getting in the zone or flow as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it in his book titled Flow.

Main takeaways:

A person in flow has a high interest in life, they are persistent and they have low self-centeredness.

I discuss my personal experience with Flow, stay tuned to the very end where I explain something that happened on this very video! ‍

There are 4 undesired outcomes or pitfalls from not being in flow:

  1. Distractions both internal and external
  2. Resistance
  3. Wanting of instant gratification
  4. Monkey mind


  1. Suggestions on how to block distractions
  2. A mental diet which becomes a lifestyle 
  3. Tame the monkey mind with journaling and meditation
  4. Non-resistance

I also discuss toxic positivity and when this type of approach is not possible due to the stages of grief.

Hope to see you there! 


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Mental Diets are Crucial for Success

If we think in excess of 90,000 thoughts a day, consider the quality of those thoughts.

Do you ever think of that?

Now that's food for thought - pun intended!

In today's video, I discuss some pitfalls of not following a mental diet and solutions to those pitfalls.

You can watch the video right here!!

Here are the 3 pitfalls I discuss:

  1.  Recognize how you talk to yourself? What are you thinking?
  2. Identify your thought habits.
  3. No thought control? I have your solutions


  1. Picture a positive slide
  2. Monitor your self-talk
  3. Do NOT shame yourself. Do NOT dwell on negative thoughts.
  4. Eventually, it will become a lifestyle.

Be sure to watch the video now!

Want to stop the mind screw?  Below is a road map of this program and a free guide on a mental diet. Learn all about it right here!! www.kathieowen.com/mental-diet 

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