Why Music Helps When it Comes to Exercise

I'll never forget taking aerobic instructor training back in 2000. I cannot dance for anything!

I got stuck at the front of the room with all these mirrors and they would say grapevine right and I'd go left.

Embarrassing I know but imagine if I had given up. I hung in there and today teaching fitness is my passion! 20+ years later.

But, did you know that music helps your exercise? It is actually the beats per minute on the song can and will affect the intensity.

I learned this during instructor training. And yes it helps tremendously. Want some motivation for your next workout? Create a playlist with fast beats.

Check out this playlist I made for my seniors on Spotify. https://tinyurl.com/y5c3yv4g

It includes my favorites from Water Aerobics and Silver Sneakers and brings back so many memories! Hope to see you there! 

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13 Tips To Improve Your Strength Training

Let's talk about Strength Training today. These 13 tips apply to everyone but I want to focus on those of us who are 40, 50, 60, 70+. You got this!
1. Do a light cardio warm-up before strength training to help prevent injury and post-workout soreness.
2. Proper form is more important than the number of reps; use a mirror to check your form. This is what mirrors are for in the gym, not for vanity purposes!
3. If you want to see results faster, do at least three strength-training sessions per week.
4. Save time and burn more calories by doing supersets, working opposing muscle groups back-to-back, and moving quickly from one exercise to the next without resting. This is also called circuit training.
5. Don't just lift dumbbells. Explore all types of equipment including resistance bands, kettlebells, stability balls, medicine balls, and barbells, as well as moves that require no equipment at all like push-ups and free squats. These are...
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