Can't Hurt Me - The Ultimate Mindset Shift Book

The first time I heard about David Goggins was when my youngest son Kody told me to listen to the Joe Rogan Show. Link to the exact episode here. This was in  early 2019 

Kody rarely listens to podcasts so this was a sign that I needed to listen to this one. And he was right I loved it!! 

Since that time I played one of his YouTube Videos at an OCuSOFT team meeting and discuss him from time to time in inspirational conversations.

But I just realized I have never read his book. What?

Yes, it wasn't until my interview with Natalie Kime of Wealth Wave (coming out Thursday, January 13, 2022 Link to it here: that I even thought to look at the book, even though that podcast episode was a promotional episode for the book.

Natalie mentioned in the interview that the book was in her top 3 and she recommended listening to it on Audible as there are mindset challenges at the end of each chapter.

So I ran down to Audible, got more credits, as I used...

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