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What Do You Really Want?


So many do not know exactly what they want.

In today's video, I discuss the pitfalls of not knowing exactly what they want. One of those is drifting as Napoleon Hill talks about in his book Outwitting the Devil.

I also give 5 solutions to these pitfalls. Be sure to watch today's video and even get the free template that gives you the recipe for writing down your exact goal.

You can snag that template here!


Pitfall #1 Drifting

Pitfall #2 Reactive

Pitfall #3 Nothing ever changes

Pitfall #4 Or could get a whole lot worse

Pitfall #5 Loss of confidence

Solution #1 You know exactly where you are going

Solution #2 Pivots become easy

Solution #3 Reevaluate your goals and understand

Solution #4 Definiteness of purpose

Solution #5 You are in flow

Book: Outwitting the Devil Napoleon Hill

Video House was Stolen From Me

Blog Post about House:


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