Laws of Non-Attachment

Allow others to be who they are. Allow yourself to be who you are. Don't force situations. Solutions will emerge. Uncertainty is reality. Embrace it.

Laws of non-attachment. They keep us safe. You do not see this often. Everyone is trying to force their opinions and situations. Force is everywhere. 

Embrace uncertainty. It is a part of life. Learn to let go. Go with the flow.

Allow others to be as they are. Do not force them to change. 

Allow situations to just be.

Solutions emerge as you let go. Infinite solutions. Oh, it helps to let go.

Make it a habit to let go of expectations, opinions, and situations. Let things be as they are. You will find a new level of awareness when you do this!

You do not know the real reason why things are the way they are. Embrace the uncomfortableness and let it be. You will find so much more when you do!


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Synchronicities Are Everywhere, Don't Miss Them!

“It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready.” Theodore Roosevelt

This picture depicts perfectly what it takes to seize an opportunity.

Do you pay attention to synchronicities when they arise? Sometimes people do not notice this when the time is right because they are so dang busy forcing things.

Sit back, rely on your power, it will come through at the right time and in the right place. 


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Unconditional Love and Conditional Love

Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you. -Unknown

Have you had to let go of people who stress you out?

It hurts at first, but realize this fact. It isn’t easy to let go of those you love, but sometimes it is for the best.

Unconditional love is the answer to this. When someone is not good for you it is based on conditional love. 

Unconditional love knows no "conditions" so, therefore, it is freeing!!

This is why I love my dogs so much. They teach me, unconditional love. I know the feeling. And when it turns to conditional love, it is very different.

When you hurt due to missing them (the narcissist) remember the abuse, the rudeness, the hateful behavior, and the disrespect that they so often did. It makes the blow easier. 

And remember the stress is now gone that you let them go. Wishing you the best! 


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Find Your Power Like This!

"Follow disciplines that serve your growth." Kathie Owen

The next time you feel stuck in a rut or un-motivated ask yourself, "What can I do right now that will serve my growth?"

Sit in silence for a moment, meditate on your growth, and what exactly you want.

Are you struggling to find exactly what you want? Or your definite chief aim? Well, this simple download can (and will) help with that.

When we picture our goals from the end in mind, like Neville Goddard and Napoleon Hill teach something magical happens. We start to form a discipline that serves our growth.

When we hit stumbling blocks, and we will, we see that they are serving our purpose and are there for a reason. To help us grow!!

Focus on the discipline it takes for you to grow. When building habits that stick it takes discipline. 

Do you know who has true discipline? David Goggins.

He is an American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author. He is a retired...

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The Answer to Procrastination

"You can have the best plans, ideas, and thoughts in your mind and nothing will happen until you take action." -Kathie Owen

Action kills procrastination. Think about it. Have you ever put something off and then once you took a small action it just felt better?

Take cleaning a drawer or a closet. Take one small step towards doing the project, most times it moves you enough that you quit putting it off.

Personal initiative helps to take action. What is that? It is simply holding yourself accountable and just do it. Even if it is one small action towards doing the thing you dread.

In the book Eat That Frog the author tells us to do the hardest thing first in the morning. This puts you into action and makes the rest of the day go by smoothly! Try it! See how it works for you!


Personal initiative, this is one of the 13-week virtue-building topics of the week in the FREE (for now) email list. Build virtues like Ben Franklin or Napoleon Hill


Action is the key to getting...

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Stop This One Thing Now and Watch Your World Change!

 "By expressing dissatisfaction a person attunes themselves to lifelines that draw them in and where things genuinely are worse than before." -Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing

A pendulum is a thought structure that everyone thinks. It ONLY wants YOUR energy, nothing else.

But when we complain or express dissatisfaction we put ourselves in harm's way. Why? Because the pendulum is getting our energy and sending us into the lifeline that will lead to destruction.

What Vadim means by this is when you complain, or seriously dislike something, it actually sends you to a life that is worse than what you are complaining about.

This happens so easily because we are programmed to complain about uncomfortable situations.

This is also a great example of the victim-victimizer model from my therapist Shary Davis. We get stuck in the endless cycle of victim-victimizer (you know the bottom of the triangle). It is a vicious cycle. *See the picture at the end of this post.

When you focus on...

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Focus on This - Tony Robbins Teaching

 The 3 patterns of focus with Tony Robbins are as follows:

  1. Are you focusing on what’s missing from your life or what you are grateful for?
  2. Are you focusing on what you can control or what you can’t control?
  3. Are you focusing on the past, the present, or the future?



To be in the best state of mind/consciousness:

  • Focus on what you are grateful for.
  • Focus on what you can control.
  • And focus on the present.

 Anything else will put you on a lower scale of consciousness. Remember the consciousness scale in Power vs Force?

Any of the FORCE consciousness levels means that your focus is not in the “correct” pattern.

You can focus on the FORCE levels, it is your choice. But those will not get you into a place where synchronicities fly off the shelf!! It is a mindset shift. 

This article contains affiliate links. For more information head on over to my...

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Are You Resisting Time?

"Time, it is only your resistance to it that makes you measure it." -Abraham Hicks

 How do you resist time? Statements like:
  • It's going to be a long day.
  • Looking forward to Friday.
  • Can't wait for my vacation.
  • I have to work until 5:30 and it's only 2:00.
  • Monday is here already?
All of the previous statements resist time.
What about the things you enjoy? Did you know that is also resistance to time?
  • Weekends fly by.
  • I wish I could stop time while I am on vacation.

Resistance to what 'is' can speed up time as well.

A wise person once taught me how to release that resistance to time.
Here is how you can do that:
  • Have you ever watched water boil?
  • It takes a while for it to boil if you are watching it.
  • "A watched pot never boils." is that statement.
 Well, if you want to speed time up, stop the resistance or stop watching the water boil. 

If you want to slow time down watch your water boil - or pay attention to every little thing.

Trust that everything...
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All Truths Are Half-Truths

stop the mind screw Jul 01, 2020
All truths are half-truths. -The Kybalion
When I first heard this I had to think about it for several days. But consider the options it opens up. 
It helps to understand others and be more compassionate. When we realize that our truth is not 100% fact it can help when talking to others.  
More words of wisdom: "I already knew that." "I disagree." Do not serve you.
We live in a time where there is a lot of fear in the air. Look at this diagram:
Where do you fit on this scale? How are you feeling right now?
This is from the book Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins
Power is always an option but it depends on your truth.
It is best to be proactive, not reactive.

  • It is up to you to decide what you consider to be true. Remember all truths are half truths. But how does that truth make you feel? Consider that.Proactive thoughts come from a place of power, Thoughts...
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