How to Deal with Arguments

What if you had a secret tool that would help you with every argument you encounter. Well, in today's video, I teach this tool and it is very powerful and helpful.

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Awareness is key! Study the picture below:

This takes place in any argument we may have. That circle eight at the bottom can become an endless battle and we must ask ourselves how do we get to Victor? And how do we get out of this vicious cycle? I answer that question in the video.

Arguments are usually triggered by one's abandonment issues. When these issues are triggered it causes one to go into victimizer and gaslighting takes place.

What is gaslighting? It is when someone plays victimizer and tries to trigger you into an argument. Signs of gaslighting are:

  1. Pretending not to understand
  2. Labeling your thoughts as crazy
  3. Questioning your memory
  4. Pretending to forget
  5. Denying promises
  6. Trivializing your feelings

It is best not to respond to gaslighting with more victimizing or you...

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6 Ways to Ease Hip Inflexibility

fitness Jan 25, 2021

As we sit at a desk all day or even stand and walk all day we place ourselves in a position to tighten our hip flexors. And today we are going to discuss 6 ways to help with this.

The hip flexors are several muscles that bring your legs and trunk together in a flexion movement. They allow you to move your leg or knee up towards your torso, as well as to bend your torso forward at the hip. You can strain or tear your hip flexor muscles through sudden movements or falls.

It is important to keep our hip flexors flexible.

Here are 6 Ways to Ease Hip Inflexibility

1. Squats throughout the day. Stand up and sit down in your chair during commercials on TV or while on hold on the phone. Doing about 20 squats a time and do this about 4-5 times a day. 

2. Obviously stretching helps. Do the following stretches. Hold for 20-30 seconds per stretch for optimal benefit.

#3 MASSAGE or foam roll: A good massage therapist can really help treat this...
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How To Deal with Frustration Easily!

stop the mind screw Jan 21, 2021

Disharmony aka frustration is not a bad thing! It is actually a sign. It could even be a sign that you are on the right path!

We run from bad feelings, but this is not healthy. Change your perspective on "bad" feelings and watch your world transform in magic fashion.

In today's video, I discuss this very thing.

Harmony = Proactivity and

Disharmony = Reactivity.


When we are reactive we are working from FORCE. But this is a sign to us. It could even be a sign we are on the right path. 

It is important to understand deeply the feelings we feel as humans. Do not suppress them and run from them. Those so-called "bad" feelings can serve as a sign.

Tony Robbins said, "Turn frustration into fascination."

Watch your world transform in magic fashion. Identify how these reactions we are having are beneficial and actually helpful to us reaching our potential.

Often times we will hit overwhelm while in disharmony. The best way to deal with this is to remember how harmony...

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Facebook, Its a Funny Thing

Facebook, to me it is the very worst social media platform out there! IMO! 

#1 Reason I dislike Facebook - the news I see on my feed was crap. What I used to see was 90% FEAR-based crap. You know, those complaining about how bad things are, or talking about conspiracy theories out the ass. Like I always say, "If it instills one ounce of fear, check with your Inner Voice, find LOVE, and move on!"

#2 (which has to do with #3) My page Kathie's Coaching is very limited to who sees my information. Facebook algorithm is rigged around $$ for them. I get that. But how are people going to see my page? Oh, that's right I need to create a group for my page. Or I need to pay for ads for Kathie's Coaching.

I have 2 groups. Combat Aging with Wellness (for my fitness over 50) and Stop the Mind Screw (for mindset inspiration). 

#3 Facebook can block you and restrict you for reasons they see fit. I was recently "restricted" from posting on Facebook for complex reasons I could not...

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How to Improve Your Power!

The very first thought you have in the day is probably the most powerful tool in your thought habit toolbox.

What is your first thought of the day? I know, you probably do not even think until you've had your coffee. I can relate, but you get the point.

Maybe this will help, "What is your prominent thought first thing in the morning?" Yes even after that cup of coffee!

In today's video, I discuss this very thing. 

I give a personal story about how I used to face my mornings and how I had so many limiting beliefs! I had no freaking idea that my thought quality was so low my friends!

Top mistakes I see when it comes to thoughts first thing in the morning:

  • Not even paying attention, that was me!
  • Those limiting beliefs quickly spill over into your day and can blow things up!

There will be undesired outcomes:

  • There are laws of the Universe. One of those is the fact that thoughts are things.
  • Another one is what you resist persists. In my story, I show you how I was resisting...
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Recommended Products

fitness fitness products Jan 13, 2021

Here are the products I recommend. Coming soon blog posts, pictures and more. Right now click on the links beside them for more information.

This article contains affiliate links. For more information head on over to my privacy policy.

I just wanted to get this post up ASAP as I keep getting asked.

OCuSOFT Products I highly recommend

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No More Resolutions, Instead Change Your Identity!

Have you ever noticed that New Year Resolutions do not stick? Well here is why and Five steps to real and lasting change. Do this instead of creating resolutions.

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The 5 steps to real and lasting change are:

  1. Behavior
  2. Environment
  3. Beliefs
  4. Values
  5. Identity

This is the empowering way to create a habit and I discuss this and then some. I bring in Reality Transurfing Principles and Power vs Force by Dr David Hawkins


By the end of the video, you ought to understand how to REALLY create a resolution that will change your identity.

Be sure to check in next Thursday when we discuss how to check the quality of your thoughts first thing in the morning to transform your day in magic fashion!! Hope to see you there, Kathie

Let's transform your life in magic fashion!



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How to Tell if Your Thinking is Accurate


It's that time again, Benjamin Franklin Virtue Building Day.

Accurate thinking is the virtue of the week.

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We have all heard this quote by Einstein. But do we really apply it?

Look at my toxic positivity gal! She is right in her thinking that there are some things in this world that need to be fixed!! Yes absolutely.

But her way of going about things is not accurate thinking.

What do I mean by this? Well, she FORCES people to follow her opinions and beliefs, thinking it will change the world. And if you DO NOT AGREE WITH HER, she will bully the crap out of you. 

That includes huge businesses, fitness influencers who are really doing things wrong and fighting against white, skinny, etc (fill in the blank) privilege.

Toxic positivity gal calls everyone out thinking they will change. I have news for her, they will not. And...

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An Entrepreneur Who Loves Her 9-5

fitness kathie Jan 04, 2021

Unlike most budding entrepreneurs, my goal is NOT to leave my “9-5”

This month I have worked at @Ocusoft for 8 years. I was hired as the Corporate Wellness Director. They have a gym for their employees and I run that gym. 

BUT….the gym is closed due to COVID and there is no talk of reopening anytime soon. 

OCuSOFT is a full line ophthalmic pharmaceutical company. They provide everything an eye doctor needs, including dry eye products. Need something like this?? I can send you in the right direction….I have connections.

I was hired by the owner of the company to be her trainer in 2012. I trained her for about 6 months when she asked if I wanted a tour of her business.

During that tour, my eyes were opened to the scope of the business she owned. She was so down to earth and the magnitude of this business she and her husband built is beyond measure. Click Here to Visit our Website!

I am so blessed to have this job!! And I love it with all my...

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How to Think With Power!

What is your very first thought in the morning? Did you know that single thought can influence your entire day in a very powerful way?

Begin understanding this and you will transform your life in magic fashion! Let's look at this. Let's begin to explore how our thoughts affect our lives.

If we think over 90,0000 thoughts a day, what is the first thought we think in our day? Is it one of empowerment or one of force?

Today I begin a discussion called "What are you thinking?" And I help YOU evaluate your thoughts and decipher which thoughts are helping you and which thoughts are not helpful at all!

Join me! 

Link to listen and watch on YouTube.

In today's episode, I start my series on What Are YOU Thinking? 

I help others analyze their thoughts to identify the quality of their thoughts.

Easily identify limiting beliefs and learn how to move up on the scales of consciousness which is pictured below

Let's talk about a lesson I learned a long time ago from Betty Eadie in...

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