The Real Reason Why Keto Diets Work

fitness Jul 24, 2021

“Please send up an angel food cake and a bottle of red wine.” This was Arnold Schwarzenegger's room service request before the competition.

Why? Because in preparation before the competition he had depleted his body of carbohydrates. And this re-introduction of carbs would make his muscles look absolutely stunning and win the competition. It was a body-building science.

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This was long before the invention of the Atkins Diets or Keto Diets.

You see I learned about this method in my first class in becoming a Certified Fitness Trainer in 2001.

My instructor had trained Arnold and told us this story.

Bodybuilders and those who are in those muscle-bound commercials practice carb depletion before the competition or commercial. This, in addition to training, supplement, and nutrition habits, create that beautiful body you see....

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Reality Transurfing

The first time I heard about Reality Transurfing was on Aaron Doughty's YouTube Channel in 2018.

He mentioned something about putting things on a pedestal. Something I could relate to as I know I put my situations on pedestals. I had a monkey mind and could not quiet it.

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Aaron spoke about Reality Transurfing often. I was hooked! I knew I had to get the book.

The book is 765 pages long and it is full of great details about life and transformation and ways to find peace in your life.


I have read the book cover to cover 3 times now. I considered teaching it but found out about a blacklist.

Aaron was on that blacklist. WTF?! Click Here to See Who's Blacklisted Now!

The book is written by Russian author Vadim Zeland. There are several concepts that seem lost in translation: space of variations, pendulums, the plait, outer intention, and many more.

I still understood the concepts. The...

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10 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life

The most simple way to change your life is to change how you face your mornings. Stop mind screwing yourself out of your power.

Here are 10 Morning Habits that Will Change Your Life:

1. Wake up an hour early. I get it sleeping in that extra hour can feel so great. But did you know that extra sleep can actually make you feel more lethargic and less energetic? It can.

When you know this it makes waking up that extra hour a little easier. Plus you can get so much done in that hour. You'll be amazed.

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2. Drink a glass of water. Preferable hot lemon water. Did you know that lemon water has cleansing properties to help aid in digestion all day long? Plus other benefits as well. Try it!

3. Exercise. You knew I was going to say this. Movement of just 30 minutes in the morning particularly HIITs like I teach will help give you more energy all day long. And it doesn't matter your age or fitness level.

My 23-year-old son has...

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Overcome "I Can't Focus"

False belief: "I Can't Focus."

Experience: "Every time I got started, I get distracted by another app, coach, post, etc."

Story: I have been here. Every time I turned around my social media was popping in to tell me that a coach I had followed had a new strategy. Heck even my coach was presenting me with a new strategy. It was sooooooo distracting. I doubted the recent decision I made and then started chasing the new shiny object, only to be distracted once again.

Enter Stop the Mind Screw Method

Step 1: What Do You Want?

  • Write down exactly what you want in detail. Be clear and specific. Use all 5 senses.
  • Set boundaries down - set limits on time spent on Social Media and limits on focused time. No interruptions.

Step 2: Mental Diet

Step 3: Self...

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Feel Abandoned? Read This!

"Call the airlines, I am sending your ass home!" These were the words out of Kenny's mouth Just 2 days into this trip. 

We were on a beautiful vacation in the Bahamas. Sure I should have listened to my dad when he said, "You haven't been dating long enough to travel with him, but you are a grown woman."

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I had only been dating Kenny for about 3 weeks when he asked if I wanted to join him on this extravagant 7 day trip to the Bahamas.

And yes this trip was planned months ahead of time with his previous girlfriend Donna.

She probably figured out what a creep Kenny was and broke up with him. I, on the other hand, missed the writing on the wall.

I immediately went into repair mode when he said this. Even though I had no idea what pissed him off.

Little did I know I should have taken him up on this offer and walked away forever. Like Donna did!


And I've been on...

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Overcome "They Owe Me!"

We are starting a new series!! We will identify "false beliefs" or problems we all face and solve them using Stop the Mind Screw process. 

Let's get to "They Owe Me."

We've all been there. We signed up for a job or we have a daily job and all of a sudden they throw something "new" at us and expect us to do it even though we have no idea or it's not in our job description.

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My video last week "Why Are You Here?" spoke briefly about what happened to me at OCuSOFT several times with the gym flooding and being a fitness trainer during the pandemic.

My story: I just got back into the gym in March of 2020 after we flooded 3 times and lifted the building 3 foot off the ground. Officially I have been out of the gym more than I have been in it. I have worked at OCuSOFT 8 1/2 years at the time of this post.

"Finally I am back," I thought as OCuSOFT called a team meeting to discuss the pandemic. My worst nightmare was coming true. I would no longer be in the gym...

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Benefits of An Apple Watch for Seniors

I'll never forget the day I was personal training one of my Silver Sneaker Clients at the YMCA. I knew her fitness level well and thought everything was going fine. When all of a sudden she said, "I'm not feeling too well Kathie." Her face became pale, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she collapsed on the floor.

Immediately I went into the mode I had been instructed on in the many CPR courses I had taken, even though I was honestly scared to death! This had never happened to me in all my 15 years of training. 

"Hey, Joseph! Call 911! Sally bring me the safety kit." I somehow calmly blurted out.

Next thing I know I hear my client's Apple Watch talking to me. "Hello, it's 911 we sense a fall, we will call EMS right away. Are you OK?"

To make a long story short, everything turned out okay. EMS came and my client was fine. She had gotten overheated.

My point in telling you this is the fact that an Apple Watch can save your life!

Not only that but I utilize the stats on an...

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The Biggest Loser Really is Losing!

fitness Jun 28, 2021

Meet Elizabeth Ruiz, a 31-year-old medical assistant from Boston, Massachusetts. She weighs 244 pounds and is in a competition with 2 other obese men to see who could climb 500 steps the quickest and earn a spot on The Biggest Loser.

During this (irresponsible) competition Elizabeth passes out and EMS has to rescue her.

What happens next blows my mind!!

While EMS is rescuing Elizabeth the competition continues.

Mind you the two who reach the top already enter the show.

Jillian Michaels, the so-called trainer on the show, is screaming at the men to continue climbing.

I myself am screaming at the TV. “You can’t train unconditioned people like athletes!”

This happened in 2010, season 10 episode 1. I had been in fitness for 10 years at the time. I watched the show regularly.

Why? Because it teaches you what NOT to do in fitness.

Not once do they mention heart rate. And this totally irks me!

Your heart and cardiovascular system are the most important components of...

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What is Your Why?

Ask yourself this question often. Answer it with empowering options.

In today's video, I discuss why are you where you are and how to answer that with power.

Click the link to watch video


I also discuss situations that have happened over the years at OCuSOFT (my 9-5 which I love) and how I answered it with power even though I was not doing what I was passionate about, or so I thought.


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Find Money Like This!

stop the mind screw Jun 22, 2021

My friend and financial coach Natalie Kime of Wealth Wave joined me today to discuss Stop the Mind Screw process and how to find the money.

We start with the end in mind.

Go on a financial mental diet.

Discuss our self-talk.

Discuss financial thought habits.

Discuss revision of thoughts.

Then we talk about getting in the zone and dreaming bigger.


We start by talking about a client who needs to manifest $1,000. And end by discussing the topic is the same for everyone if it is $1,000 or $100,000.

Find Natalie Here:

And here:

Do you have a financial coach or process for manifesting money? Or a success story?

Bonus episode about my story and Natalie's story.



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