Overcome "They Owe Me!"

We are starting a new series!! We will identify "false beliefs" or problems we all face and solve them using Stop the Mind Screw process. 

Let's get to "They Owe Me."

We've all been there. We signed up for a job or we have a daily job and all of a sudden they throw something "new" at us and expect us to do it even though we have no idea or it's not in our job description.

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My video last week "Why Are You Here?" spoke briefly about what happened to me at OCuSOFT several times with the gym flooding and being a fitness trainer during the pandemic.

My story: I just got back into the gym in March of 2020 after we flooded 3 times and lifted the building 3 foot off the ground. Officially I have been out of the gym more than I have been in it. I have worked at OCuSOFT 8 1/2 years at the time of this post.

"Finally I am back," I thought as OCuSOFT called a team meeting to discuss the pandemic. My worst nightmare was coming true. I would no longer be in the gym...

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What is Your Why?

Ask yourself this question often. Answer it with empowering options.

In today's video, I discuss why are you where you are and how to answer that with power.

Click the link to watch video  https://youtu.be/d29DEb63jIM


I also discuss situations that have happened over the years at OCuSOFT (my 9-5 which I love) and how I answered it with power even though I was not doing what I was passionate about, or so I thought.


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Find Money Like This!

stop the mind screw Jun 22, 2021

My friend and financial coach Natalie Kime of Wealth Wave joined me today to discuss Stop the Mind Screw process and how to find the money.

We start with the end in mind.

Go on a financial mental diet.

Discuss our self-talk.

Discuss financial thought habits.

Discuss revision of thoughts.

Then we talk about getting in the zone and dreaming bigger.


We start by talking about a client who needs to manifest $1,000. And end by discussing the topic is the same for everyone if it is $1,000 or $100,000.

Find Natalie Here: www.instagram.com/nattykime

And here: https://linktr.ee/nattyk372

Do you have a financial coach or process for manifesting money? Or a success story?

Bonus episode about my story and Natalie's story.



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Reality Transurfing is Losing It

Reality Transurfing is a book by Russian author and quantum physicist Vadim Zeeland. It is one of the best books I have ever read on reality creation. And I do talk about it often.

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I picture Vadim sitting in a corner holding his book like a little 2-year-old saying, "Mine, mine, mine!" 

Blog post after photos.....

For more on Reality Transurfing with Kathie Click Here.

Over the past weekend, mid-June 2021, the following posts happened in International Transurfing:

I posted that I saw this coming a mile away. I also posted that Eckhart, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay do not restrict others from teaching their information. And now I am deleted from the group. I was not surprised. And I definitely do not care. Too much victim-mentality in there for my taste.

Feel free to join my Facebook Group Stop the Mind Screw here.

Vadim shot himself in the foot when he "endorsed" Renee and...

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The Reasons Why Your Breakdowns Are Not Breakthroughs

"If you do not transform your suffering you will transmit it." -Unknown

Watch the video here or scroll down to read the blog post:


How do we transform our suffering? We first must heal (Blog post about healing here) and go through the stages of grief. Listed below


Why? Because Step 1 in a breakthrough is ACCEPTANCE.

Toxic positivity is fighting for your limitations and transmits suffering. But if you view positivity as toxic you are not reading this or following my information. That's perfectly fine with me - as positivity saved my life! 

And it transmuted my suffering into a breakthrough after breakthrough.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Quit letting fear hold you back. Jump to the other side of the wall and find peace and freedom! Transmute that fear!

"The best thing you can do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, YOU ARE THE FIRE."

Chaos proceeds the breakthrough. But...

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Mental Diet Meal Plan

What is a diet without a meal plan? Today we are going to discuss a meal plan for a mental diet.

Before we do. let's talk about some things that happen that can cause us to really need a mental diet.

In today's world we have access to so much information it can easily and quickly become a distraction.

Think about this, we have only had smartphones for about the last 10 years. The information we can get from our smartphones in a single moment is more than a lifetime for our ancestors. That right there is enough to say, "I need to take a break."

Our brains cannot handle that. We go into fight or flight in a single instant, when truly, for survival we should only need this response once or twice a day at the most.

How many times a day do you hit fight or flight? Think about that.

Our brains/minds experience anxiety, guilt, resentment, reactivity, anger, overwhelm, exhaustion, attachments, jealousy, revenge, more often than we like to admit. This can cause major problems with our...

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3 Reasons You Might Need a Mental Diet

 What is a mental diet? Great question. 

A mental diet is becoming aware of negative thoughts, don't dwell on them, and let them go. Don't shame yourself for thinking those thoughts, just let them go. That's it.

Simple but not easy. I think the reason why it is not easy is that we are so programmed to feel comfortable in negative thinking. As funny as it sounds we do find comfort in feeling bad.

Why? Maybe we get attention for this negativity. I know I used to. I mean the drama around my ex, his wife, and my kids was absolutely crazy. I could write a movie the drama was so good.

But this is not healthy. And actually, because giving energy to that drama - it only made things worse. A lot worse.

Sometimes things can get worse while doing a mental diet, ironically. Ya know, chaos proceeds the breakthrough.

But Emmet Fox says in his book The 7 Day Mental Diet, to stop the mental diet when things get a little chaotic. He says to give yourself some time and then start again...

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Morning Routines Can Make or Break You!


"My day goes so much smoother when I follow my morning routine." This is what my client said after she tried a morning routine for 3 weeks.

That's what happens when you get solid on your morning routine. It helps make the rest of the day to flow. You know, get in the zone, like Step 6 of Stop the Mind Screw.

Morning routines are essential for your success. In today's video, I discuss one of my most FAQ and that is, "What is your morning routine?"

This is a live video I did on my Instagram account. If you are not following me there here ya go: @officialkathieowen Hope to see you there!

Stop the mind screw is my coaching program that promises to you to be able to find flow 75-90% of your day. Most of us are at 10% if even that!

What is flow? It is where challenge meets skill.

Think of an elite athlete. They are in flow 90% of the time while on the field. Find flow in things you enjoy and you will come to know how flow feels.

But we are human and life sometimes throws us curve...

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Let Go and Get Way More!

Letting go of the things we are attached to can be so difficult. And I know I have been there. But in today's video I discuss the gifts of letting go. Scroll down to read the blog post or watch the video below:



 I start with defining attachment. What is it to you?

I then discuss how holding on to things can and does drain your energy.

Pendulums are thought structures that other people think. Pendulums only want your energy. I discuss the dangers of pendulums and what to do to let go. Hint - it is all about not giving them your energy.

 Here are 4 pitfalls you hit when you become too attached:

  • Pitfall #1 You fall prey to tunnel vision.
  • Pitfall #2 You cannot let go and hold onto those thoughts too tightly. Reactivity, resentment, and defensiveness come into play here!
  • Pitfall #3 You cannot see the forest for the trees.
  • Pitfall #4 Attachment causes stress.

Solutions when you let go:

  • #1 You make room for more. Your mind opens up.
  • #2 You become more...
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Heal Mind Body and Soul

stop the mind screw May 16, 2021

Healing is an important process in Stop the Mind Screw and today we are going to discuss how to heal using this simple method.

Watch the video here: (blog post below) 


  • Journal - remember morning pages? Write out your feelings and get them on paper.
  • Get support in a safe place - seek a friend, mentor, or a coach whom you can vent to in a supportive fashion
  • Know if you need solutions or just to be heard from that support and journalling.

2. THE BODY NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE IT.  This is key to understanding the body needs to experience the emotion - especially before you respond.

The healthy ways to experience this are as follows:

  • Punch a pillow, scream, cry.
  • Physiological state change - cold plunge, breath work, exercise. I do all 3 but exercise is my favorite go-to!
  • Then rest and allow, settle in, relax, then integrate these feelings into the body.

3. SOUL - REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE - connect with the conscious observer

  • ...
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