This One Little Thing Could Make All The Difference

Today's Ben Franklin Virtue building is probably one of the most difficult for us, but it is the most effective tool in building habits that stick.


Remember earlier this month when I shared my speech with Toastmasters on Information Addiction? And the question was "How do I deal with this?"


In each instance, I described someone who lacked discipline. The person checking their watch during the conversation, the email at their son's soccer game, the meeting with the tragic notification, and the person sharing gory details on Facebook ruining everyone's Chi. Here is a link to my speech in case you missed it!


Where is your discipline? This is the cornerstone to building habits that stick. And it doesn't have to be difficult.


Just try to be 1% better than yesterday and you will always be improving.


We all slide! But we always have tomorrow!


Think about self-discipline this week. Where can you be 1% better today than yesterday?


Want all...

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Ah-Ha Moments for the Week of Nov 8-14 2020

ah-ha moments Nov 15, 2020

Moment #1. I interviewed my good friend Angelica this week and the podcast went live. We talked about struggles Angelica has gone through as a Mom, professional photographer, and now affiliate marketer for make-up and eyelashes. A great listen for all things habits. Here is the link to that interview on YouTube.

Moment #2. I started my podcast this week!! Starting small but will end big.  Transform Your Life in Magic Fashion I say! All Episodes will always be linked right here:

Moment #3 and probably the most profound was a Tim Ferris Podcast with Matthew McConhaughey. I am on my third time listening to it now. BTW I listen to podcasts while working out and driving. Unless I am in downtime which is part of the balance of learning and relaxing. A great habit of mine. Here is the link to that podcast episode now.

Moment #4 has to do with #3 and that is the book I am currently reading. That is Matthew McConhaughey's...

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Information Addiction


This is my speech from the other day on Information Addiction. One of the questions I had was “How to handle information addiction?” Great question.

I didn’t have enough time to go over that, my speech was limited to 5-7 minutes or I’d be disqualified in Toastmasters. But that is what I teach!!!

So today I am going to answer that. Simply and succinctly.

Tim Ferris, you know the author of the book 4 Hour Work Week, calls it an “Information Diet” and I highly recommend it. Here is his blog post on it! 

Instead of going all in, try to  be 1% today than yesterday.

An information diet is like a mental diet. Become aware of how often you turn to your device during the day.

Especially during boring times.

Instead turn your focus to something else in the outside world. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel?

How much is your screen time? Try to reduce that by 1% every single day. It’s easy really!

If you...

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Don't Make Any More Resolutions Do This Instead!

Picture this, you are at a party 3 months from now, maybe even just a week from now. EVERYONE wants to know what you have been doing. You look different, you act different, and everyone wants to know your secret.

Have you ever tried an exercise routine but it just did not stick? Have you ever tried to give up a bad habit not only to find yourself stuck back in the same drab routine? 

Quit wasting money on personal trainers (yup I just said that), diets, food that you do not eat, coaching programs that do not give you the results you dreamed of or that they promised.

Quit making resolutions! Quit setting goals! 

Why? Because they do not stick.

What sticks? HABITS!

Join today and have the 5 simple steps, bullet points, to create a habit delivered to you! 

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Why I Quit Talking About Reality Transurfing

reality transurfing Oct 29, 2020

Reality Transurfing, it is by far one of the best books out there about changing your life, 

For more on Reality Transurfing visit

And I used to talk about it all the time. I have several videos on it. And I started a series called Transurfing in Traffic. I was even going to teach a course on it. All of that came to a complete halt! And I will no longer do any of these things! With pleasure, I oddly admit!

You see, I found out about Reality Transurfing through Aaron Doughty on YouTube. I quoted Vadim (the author of the book) on my Instagram. I read the book in its entirety 3 times. I even listened to Bootsy Greenwood reading the book on YouTube several times. (those are removed BTW).

I am one of the Founding Members of the International Transurfing Institute on Facebook. I have lately realized that is not such an honor.

Renee Garcia, the ONLY person "endorsed by Vadim Zeland" to discuss Reality Transurfing (a now trademarked term)...

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Don't Let Procrastination Stop You!

thought habits Oct 28, 2020

The biggest frustration of many of my clients is 'PROCRASTINATION.' If that is you this week is a great week to pay attention.

I am going to give you some tough love when it comes to this week's idea from our 13-week program with Ben Franklin. Every time you want to put something off, I want to be in your ear saying, "DO IT NOW!" 

One thing I admire about Eddie (that's my boyfriend for those of you who do not know ) is he gets things done. He puts things away the moment he's finished using them. Because he does this he is very organized. I strive to be like that, especially when I feel procrastination rear it's an ugly face.

I remind myself "DO IT NOW!"

Do you procrastinate? This week is for you. Pay close attention to the side-bar below. You may even want to repeat this week often. 

Remember, you can do this. Hang in there! We are building virtues here that will last a lifetime and bring a happy, healthy life.

How are you going to apply this week's virtue?

Have you taken...

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Quit Trying to Change Others Do This Instead

Do you ask, “How can I manifest my ex-lover, an old job, an old friend back into my life?” This question is often asked of me when coaching clients.  The better question to ask is WHY do you want them back?

Oftentimes we need to realize that we can’t change others. But we can change ourselves, our mindset, our confidence. When we change these things in our life we gain POWER! And that power is what takes us to better things. We can’t go back to that ex because now we are changed. And that change makes us better.

We are in a better place and that old place was not good for us. The Universe will bring us something better. Just trust!


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Kick Your Habit Building Skills into High Gear

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2020

What is the Challenge? It is the 30-day Anomalous Challenge. This challenge is incredible and guaranteed to start you on the path towards your best life now.


It is just human behavior to stay stuck in our limiting beliefs. That is why we never move forward or if we do we do not move to the next level. We tell ourselves, “Oh that’s why this doesn’t work for me.” “There I go again, screw up, I give up!” “Why bother with this, it takes too much work.” 


We even guarantee our failure with self fulfilling prophecies like “I am lazy so why bother.” “I never stick with stuff.” “It just takes too much work to get there so I give up.”


The Anomalous Challenge helps you overcome self fulfilling prophecies and limiting beliefs by pushing you (little-by-little) to new levels. Before you know it you are over the hump!




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4 Reasons Why Your Habits Do Not Stick and What to Do About It


Here are the 4 reasons why habits do not stick. 

As a Personal Trainer, I have seen it all when it comes to habits not sticking. Here are the 4 most popular reasons as to why they do not stick and what to do about it.

They are:

1. Lack of motivation

2. Lack of time

3. Lack of confidence

4. Lack of direction

At first, they are all obstacles, if you are not careful they quickly become excuses. And you know what they say about excuses. Excuses are like a$$holes, everyone has one!

In this video, I am going to discuss what the 4 reasons are and how to work with them.

Two great books on habit building are: Atomic Habits and The Slight Edge


 Learn how to make your habits stick, follow along with us and go on an email journey all about Stop the Mind Screw and Your Fitness:



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Want More Creativity? Try This!

This article contains affiliate links. For more information head on over to my privacy policy.

 In the book The Artist Way, Julia Cameron talks about Artist Dates and teaches us that we ought to do these once a week.

What is an Artist Date? It is something that inspires creativity. It is something you do that is not your usual routine. It doesn’t have to be long. Although the longer the better. It can be something you enjoyed as a child, something you want to see, something you have been wanting to do.

It is the random, messy, colorful, musical, sensual, experimental, fully engaged, and artful side of life.

It is guaranteed to inspire creativity!


Have an awesome day! What are your artist dates plans?

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