How to Find More Time in Your Day

"I just don't have the time!"

This is the #1 reason I am given by those who tell me that is why they don't exercise.

But consider the alternative! What happens if you don't exercise? Your health declines even more so. The pain gets worse.

I don't want that for you! So today I'm giving you 12 ways to find more time in your day!

#1. Analyze how you do spend your time. Spend a few days doing this. You will quickly find time zappers or wasters and find ways to eliminate them. There also may be things you can combine, re-order, or delegate.

#2. Plan your day the night before. An evening routine that consists of getting ready for the next day ahead. For example, lay out your clothes for work and exercise. Plan your meals for the next day. Write your to-do list for tomorrow. A well-thought-out evening routine will help with your sleeping too.

#3 Examine your attitude. Just like goal-setting successful time management happens when you understand YOU have control over your daily...

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Start Your Morning Right

I am often asked, "What do YOUR mornings look like Kathie?" Well, I will tell you.

I've always been one to sleep. I love my sleep so if the thought of waking up before the crack of dawn makes you sick. Listen up, this WILL drastically change your life.

I have also been nicknamed "routine" by my son who travels all the time - like his dad. Not my thing, I know I am weird but blame it on my PTSD because that is why. 

Besides I have found pleasure in simple things. I find creativity in my day-to-day routine. And I am profoundly happy - every single day.

This may make you nauseous  but bear with me.It hasn't always been this way.

I have, after all, created all of this because I stopped mind screwing myself out of health, happiness, wealth, and abundance. It is a process! And it is what I teach!

My mornings start with an alarm at 4:30 AM. Eddie has to get up earlier than me so that is technically his alarm. I am out of bed by 5:15 though.

In those 45 minutes, I:

  • Contemplate my...
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End Victim Mentality Like This

stop the mind screw Nov 23, 2021

Think of a time you felt like a victim. Contemplate that for a moment. We've all been there. Probably more often than we like. But there is a way out of it.

Shary Davis was my therapist from 2002 to 2008. I went to therapy every single week for years. Until I graduated. Yes, I graduated from therapy. Because I stopped the mind screw.

Shary has an awesome theory of psychology and it's depicted in this picture.

When in turmoil we spend time in either victim or victimizer. We move between them too. That is what that circle 8 represents. We move between victim and victimizer.

Notice any argument you've ever had, and you will recognize clearly the infinite movement between the victim-victimizer.

There is a way out of this madness though. Oh you can play the pendulum game and just observe it and not give it your energy. But there is a better way out of it. It is called LOVE.

It is also called victor. 

Victim mentality is everywhere nowadays. It is entitled. It is like Elizabeth...

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TW Davis YMCA is Closed Permanently

fitness fitness after 50 Nov 22, 2021

The YMCA is not so "C" anymore and here's why.

Over the weekend I posted in my stories about the YMCA closing permanently after closing for over a year with COVID.

They fired everyone, myself included, via email. Listed below.  Rude and shocking!!

The email came just days after the CEO of OCuSOFT told me they were going to re-open the gym. So naturally, I thought the YMCA was following suit.

Mind you in December of 2020 I had been with this YMCA for 20 years. I basically "grew up" there in my fitness career. And my boys were little when I exercised there.

But they fired us all. Here's the email:

TW Davis YMCA Family, 
The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all. The YMCA of Greater Houston was not immune to the devastation and was greatly impacted. With a $50 million revenue loss, it forced us to strategically evaluate the best way in which to adapt in order to resume our membership and wellness operations in a new and...
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Why I Don't Recommend Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2021

Before I go into the why I don't recommend Digital Course Academy with Amy I must state what is great about the course.

  1. It is very thorough.
  2. Amy does know her stuff.
  3. The accountability pod that she never mentions in sales is the best thing about her course. I have made awesome friends who help me in my business and personal life. This is the ONE thing I loved about the course!
  4. You will learn exactly how to put a course together, launch, and sell it. But.....

I can tell you I don't want to sell like Amy. Is she a phenomenal success? Yes absolutely.

But does she sacrifice all of that in the name of greed AB-so-freaking-lutely!!!

It all started while in the course. The part where she teaches webinars "slide-by-slide." She mentions a link to her webinar slide templates. Click on that link and you will see a $300 something price tag!!!

WTF? I thought everything was given in the course. Yeah, so much is NOT!! It costs extra!! And I understand selling more things on top of what you...

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10 Tips to Beat Insomnia

We all fall victim to insomnia from time to time. Wouldn't you like a way around that? It's aggravating. 

But here are 10 tips to beat insomnia!

1. Limit work-related and social media activities in bed. The bed is for sleeping and having sex. If you suffer from insomnia activities such as working from the bed or checking your phone can increase alertness and make it difficult to sleep. 

2. Wake up at the same time each day. While sleeping late on the weekends can be tempting especially if you had trouble sleeping during the week. This is not healthy if you suffer from insomnia. It is better for you to train your body to wake up at a certain time every day.

3. Eliminate alcohol and stimulants like caffeine and nicotine. Caffeine can affect your body for several hours after consumption. And alcohol can make you drowsy but can also cause you to have disruptive sleep. And if you take medications that affect your sleep talk to your doctor about times of day to take the...

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Reality Transurfing What Now?

reality transurfing Nov 15, 2021

Let's discuss what is going on in the Reality Transurfing world namely with Vadim Zeland and Renee Garcia.

Let's just say it's more fear-based and bullying. Are they only using the book and teachings to help themselves and hurt others?

Vadim Zeland is breeding fear with his recent posts (linked below) on the vaccine. I don't get it. Could he be using his own philosophies to spread fear?

Now I am not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. But if you have read anything I posted you know  that:

  • I am anti-fear.
  • And anti-conspiracy theories.

I have my feelings on the vaccine and they 100% come from my Higher Self. And that is between me and my Higher Self!

I feel spreading fear in the name of propaganda is wrong. And Vadim is doing just that.  (posts linked below)

These posts in particular: the pictures are in Russian so you can't translate the photos but you can translate the posts into English and get the idea.

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How To Overcome Resistance

We've all been there. We set a goal with the greatest intentions and we are filled with optimism. Very quickly though, fear, doubt, and indecision creep in. This is resistance in disguise!

There is nothing easy about resistance. I call it speed bumps or hiccups on the way to our destination. It is not a matter of "if" you will hit resistance but "when."

Resistance is that thing that keeps you from doing what you say you're going to do!

Stop mind screwing yourself out of success when you hit these speed bumps and be ready with these 3 mindset shifts!

1. Expect Resistance to Happen.

Resistance can take many forms: friend drama, the weather, family obligations, illness, government. The list goes on and on.

  • It will look different for every person
  • It will look like something else, like that bright shiny object that will take you off the path!

In his book "War of Art" Steven Pressfield says

"Resistance is the equal and opposite reaction of natrue to the new thing that you and I are...

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Calories Burned While Sleeping

Did you know that you burn calories when you sleep?

This question was asked of me by a friend who uses Noom - a mindset app on weight loss. Link to the app right here!

You sure do! And let's discuss.

You have something called a basal metabolic rate which means you burn so many calories around the clock, even when doing no certain activity like sleeping.

Click Here for a calculator to figure out your BMR now.

However, there are several factors that come into play as to how little or how much you do burn. They are as follows:

  • Body fat percentage (this is not the same thing as BMI which is just your height divided by your weight in metric terms). The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn. AND the more fat you have on your body the fewer calories you burn. 
  • Doing cardiovascular exercise regularly will also burn more calories around the clock. Why? Because you have trained your heart effectively and therefore it burns more calories. BTW this also...
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Knee Strengthening Exercises

fitness fitness after 50 Oct 28, 2021

 One of the number one questions I am asked is:  "How to prevent knee pain when I exercise?"

Today I am going to give you 3 tips:

#1 Strengthen the muscles around your knees.

Your knees are the biggest joint on the body, therefore, it takes a lot of muscles to help them work properly.

I really like this video on the best knee pain exercises to strengthen those muscles that help the knees. These exercises are great to prevent knee pain too! Just sayin'! 


#2 Warm-up and stretch your muscles before and after you exercise. 

Did you know that a lot of your knee pain can have to do with tight muscles?? 

Watch the video below for great tips on keeping those muscles flexible!

Have trouble getting down on the floor? I get it. Try these stretches in bed.

Plus remember some of the stretches may be out of your range of motion. If that's the case search for other ways to stretch the muscles she talks about!


#3 A lot of times your knee pain can have to do...

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