3 Ways You Will Stand Out

You see them everywhere on your Facebook feed. Friends selling lashes, makeup, candles, workout attire (really cute stuff), jewelry, and even teas. Yup teas! If you are one of those folks selling online you will want to read this blog post. 


Do you want to appeal to your customer? Abso-freaking-lutley! If not then skip this post!


I have 3 tips for you! But before I get to those tips, remember selling is not about YOU! Never forget that. This is outer intention 101.


Inner intention is about you, it’s what you hope to acquire. Maybe that is the sale. Your sales will expound by leaps and bounds if you use Outer Intention. That’s a Reality Transurfing term but I am about to explain what it is and how it works. I have to tell you a story first.


It seems every gal I know is selling something on Facebook and starting a new group or following to join them on their journey. So if everyone is doing this, what are YOU going to do to stand out? Hang on, I am about to tell you.


Several months ago one of my good friends popped into my messenger and the message went something like this: “Hey girl! Are you ready to try my 4D mascara? I’m in a contest tonight, but only until midnight. Would you be willing to take a peak (sp) at the line and consider helping me by placing a $15 order? That includes anything from lip gloss to lip and eyeliners! If so, just holler back and I’ll send you the link.” And she does this once a month for the last 2 months with no response from me. 


Okay, sit back and think about this for a second and tell me what is wrong with this message?


I’m sorry my friend if you are reading this now - but this is not about YOU, and I still love you but I am not going to buy from you. I am going to buy from the gal who does this:


 #1. Take an interest in your friends! Don’t jump into their DM’s and tell them how they can help you enter some stupid MLM contest. 😦

No! Instead, jump into their DM’s and ask them how they are doing, take an interest in what is going on in their lives. No one wants to hear about what your sale is going to get them - a win in a contest! Especially if they have not heard from you in about 6 months. When you take interest in someone else’s life you are using Outer Intention, not just Inner Intention.


#2. Watch your friend’s feeds for nuggets of gold. What I mean by this is watch your friends and see what interests them. Did they recently get engaged? Teach them make-up tips for the engagement photos or an upcoming party (if you sell makeup). Notice that they are going on a trip soon? Tell them you have a great product from Sensty that keeps your luggage fresh smelling (if you sell Sensty). Notice how they have been complaining about quarantine? Tell them you do photo shoots of quarantined families in a humorous fashion that helps them remember the memory in photos (if you sell photography sessions). Don’t laugh, I know a gal who actually made big bucks doing just this!

*Be sure to follow the next step BEFORE offering your tip.


#3. Most importantly, keep it genuine. People can spot ingenuity in a heartbeat. Just like the messenger post. You know that the MLM company tells them to post that copied crap to every friend they know. And it is crap, very impersonal!  If you genuinely care about your friends AND the product you are selling it will shine through!


BONUS TIP: Try the 13 week FREE Ben Franklin template I send out in my FREEBIES. Every week we focus on a different word - like Ben Franklin did. Week One is ENTHUSIASM!


Here is how I would approach customer Kathie with ENTHUSIASM for the 3D Mascara. “Hey, Kathie! I saw the pictures of you and Eddie and the girls at dinner the other night. Looks like you are still having fun!! I’d like to be a part of that! I now sell the 3D mascara and it is absolutely fantastic. Make those lashes stand out girl. If you’re ever in the market for a new mascara I’d love to help. If not that's fine, just keep me in my mind. It was great chatting with you and keep the family photos rolling.” BTW, if she doesn’t buy from you today, don’t give up. Keep reaching out in a personal, genuine fashion. You will be 1st on her radar when she needs what you are selling!

PS - I don’t do Facebook posts but you get the gist of what I am saying!


That’s ENTHUSIASM! And next time I am thinking of mascara I am going to reach out to that friend. BECAUSE SHE STANDS OUT FROM THE CROWD! Using Outer Intention! 

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✌Peace out and 🙏Namaste, Kathie Owen

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