This One Little Thing Could Make All The Difference

Today's Ben Franklin Virtue building is probably one of the most difficult for us, but it is the most effective tool in building habits that stick.


Remember earlier this month when I shared my speech with Toastmasters on Information Addiction? And the question was "How do I deal with this?"


In each instance, I described someone who lacked discipline. The person checking their watch during the conversation, the email at their son's soccer game, the meeting with the tragic notification, and the person sharing gory details on Facebook ruining everyone's Chi. Here is a link to my speech in case you missed it!


Where is your discipline? This is the cornerstone to building habits that stick. And it doesn't have to be difficult.


Just try to be 1% better than yesterday and you will always be improving.


We all slide! But we always have tomorrow!


Think about self-discipline this week. Where can you be 1% better today than yesterday?


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