How to Improve Self-Discipline

Improving self-discipline can help in your career, physical and mental health, and any dreams you may have. But as you probably know it can be difficult to cultivate discipline. So that's what we are going to talk about today.

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#1. Identify where you can improve.

Probably the most important thing you can do is identify where you can improve.

What aspects are your weakest points?

Grab a notebook and be honest with yourself. (Lying to yourself will not help with your goal of improvement) Besides this is just between you and you, why not be honest?

Do you spend too much time on social media? Struggle to keep focusing? Do you have a hard time saying no to others? There’s probably something that immediately comes to mind when you think about where you are lacking self-discipline.

#2 Determine what motivates you. 

"People often say that motivation does not last. Neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." Zig Ziglar

What motivates you to succeed? Often times we need inspiration for this. That's where a vision board comes into play.

And look at that vision board daily.

I like Notion for this but it can be a struggle to learn the software. You can also use Pinterest or do it the old-fashioned way and create it on a poster board. Be sure to look at this daily.

#3. Minimize distractions and temptations.

Distractions and temptations are everywhere. We all fall victim to them from time to time. I just did an episode on this on the podcast. You can listen to it here:


You can minimize distractions on your phone and computer in several ways, my favorite is airplane mode. I also like turning off notifications for certain apps so I only check them when I am ready.

#4. Create daily goals and plans.

Notion app is a great app for tracking this! And again I recommend Notion, but a warning, it can be difficult to learn. Just FYI.

What you do every day will be the actual practice of self-discipline and each day is an opportunity to continue to improve your self-discipline. Use that knowledge as you plan each of your days. This is 2 parts- the details and the goals.

  • Goals - Daily goals help keep you in line with your larger goals and sticking to these daily goals is a great way to improve yourself and become a disciplined person. And achieving these daily goals requires a lot of self-discipline and allows you to practice and grow your self-discipline as your everyday goals get closer to your life goals.
  • Details - The second part is the detailed daily plan. As you are really committing and focusing on improving yourself it is important to be very detailed in your daily plans. This helps keep you away from temptations and distractions and in a way forces you to stay on track.

The best way to create this detailed daily plan is to get an hourly planner. This planner needs to stay with you at all times to keep you on track.

I prefer my Google Calendar because I can easily arrange my plans in my day in different colors and re-arrange them as needed. Again, I love Notion for this but am still learning the app.

#5. Turn the above steps into habits.

You hear me talk about habits all the time. They are the stepping stones to building consistent disciplines in health, work, and relationships. 

These 2 episodes from the book The Slight Edge are the cornerstone to building habits that stick. I highly recommend the book and/or listening to these episodes for a great understanding of building habits that stick.




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So in recap here are the 5 steps to improving self-discipline:

  1. Identify where you can improve
  2. Determine what motivates you
  3. Minimize distractions and temptations
  4. Create daily goals and plans
  5. Turn the 4 steps into habits

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