Positive or Negative, It's Your Choice

Today's episode is an excerpt from the book Reality Transurfing I-V by Vadim Zeland. 

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 Here are some topics we discussed:

  • You radiate thought energy depending on what you are thinking be it positive or negative

This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Do you wonder why you are feeling down? Perhaps it is because of your thought energy. This is why it is imperative that you consider your thought habits.

  • That thought energy puts you on that lifeline - basically what you think you get

We move to lifelines based on our thought energy. Again it is imperative to consider your thought habits. A step in stop the mind screw process.

  •  What appears to be obstacles arise on the lifelines depending on your thought quality

Obstacles that we hit only appear that way due to our thought habits. 

  • Based on what Vadim Zeland says on his Instagram feed his lifeline is based in fear. Or is it even him???

Vadim's posts as of late on his Instagram feed are very negative and fearful. I even wonder if it is him. It appears he is caught in propaganda - pendulums of the world nowadays. 

Reality Transurfing and Stop the Mind Screw Here:


  • All truths are half-truth just like mentioned in The Kybalion

The Kybalion is a book of hermetic philosophy that states simple concepts and philosophies. For me, it takes away reactivity and fear.

  • The art gallery and writing your own script. Leave the art gallery if you don't like it

If you don't like the art on the wall in the gallery, leave. This empowers you and let's you write your own script.

I talk about Renee mentioning this in the Facebook Group. Yes, she is blacklisted now, yes I know and yes I no longer follow or work with her. She is mean and has gone off the deep end. She is no longer in my script and I left that art gallery several months ago! 🤣

  • The Charisma Myth and exuding power, presence, and warmth - What this means to your positive or negative lifeline

The Charisma Myth How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism  is a book written by Olivia Fox. It is powerful and talks about what we exude as far as our charisma is what we get back. It is the book of the week. This is a highly recommended read for this topic and more! 

  • Toxic positivity girl and her thought habits @miriamfried

I often check on toxic positivity girl to see how her thought habits (aka toxic positivity) is working for her. Let's just say - she's still in victim mentality. So, not good!

  • The obstacle is the way

The Obstacle is The Way The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph is a book by Ryan Holiday that depicts the very thing we are talking about in this episode today. 


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