Motivation Is A Funny Thing

"I lack motivation." This is the number 1 reason clients give me for not working out.

Oh, I get it. In fact, I just hit a wall myself.

Instead of the word "motivation" let's use "mindset."

Why? Because motivation changes daily. If you control your thoughts you can control your mindset. Motivation is not so easily controlled.

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I had a DESIRE to work out on a regular basis. I lost motivation. I had a DESIRE to stop sleeping in and hit the gym. 

I needed to do this for my health and wellness. 

But I love sleeping. My old vehicle was using an alarm to help but that was not working.

My conflict was I was getting groggy in the afternoons, having brain fog, and bad headaches when waking up. <I knew my fitness could relieve all of this, but I lacked motivation.>

What if I didn't get back in the gym? I knew I was going to have worse headaches and serious weight gain. And the brain fog was growing cobwebs. 😂

My new opportunity - I get very motivated because of my morning routines. I listen to Joseph Rodrigues and he totally inspires me.

My process Stop the Mind Screw also helps me, and this process was inspired partly by Joseph Rodrigues.

The main thing I focused on was HABITS. And I constantly use the strategy from the book The Slight Edge. <link to the book on Amazon.


And that strategy is just 1% better today than yesterday. Strive to do better every day.

And I plan my week on my calendar. I hold myself to that!

The epiphany I had was that I could fall back on Stop the Mind Screw Method when I hit speed bumps.

What is that? 

  • Step 1: What do you want?
  • Step 2: Go on a mental diet
  • Step 3: Analyze your self talk
  • Step 4: Analyze your thought habits
  • Step 5: Revision and Healing
  • Step 6: Get inflow where challenge meets skill

The achievement I had was I began exercising again - consistently. 

Consistency trumps motivation!!

Because I became consistent I gained momentum. I began to feel better. I did not miss the sleep.

I actually felt better in the afternoons when I got up at 4:44 AM and hit the gym as opposed to sleeping in and being lazy.

It's amazing.

So the next time you think lack of motivation is keeping you from fitness, try this:

  • Step 1: Become clear on what you want. VERY CLEAR!
  • Step 2: Go on a mental diet, let go of those negative thoughts.
  • Step 3: Analyze your self-talk - how are you enabling your excuses?
  • Step 4: Analyze your thought habits and habits - be 1% better today than yesterday.
  • Step 5: Healing and Revision - I revised my reactive thoughts and excuses in a state akin to sleep.
  • Step 6: Got in flow - Began working out and feeling great! Momentum is on!!

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