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Money and Mind Control

Just in case you missed it, here is a recap of the Hump Day Bump Day with Natalie Kime and finances and mind control.

We started with the end in mind. No, seriously we did. Natalie's Facebook Cover states, "Start with the end in mind"

That is exactly how I start my programs. Just like Neville Goddard teaches.

Natalie does the same thing. She said that when she coaches her clients on finances she tells them to start with the end in mind. Where do you want to be? What is your end goal?

Step #1 in Stop the Mind Screw program is just that. What do you want? What is your main goal? Then picture that in full detail, using all 5 senses.

Step #2 is a Mental Diet. What are you thinking? Is it high-quality thoughts or low-quality thoughts? 

Natalie said when she first meets her clients they often shame themselves by not doing what they needed to do beforehand.

She tells them, "Get it all out on the table. And then leave it there. We then start from where you are." A mental diet does the same thing.

Don't shame yourself, just don't stay there.

Step #3 - Analyze your self-talk. How are you talking to yourself about money and finances? This is where your power lies or where you are disempowering yourself. A mentor like Natalie can come in handy, especially when we get to step #5.

Step #4 - Track those thought habits. It is important to track your thought habits so you understand how you got there and how to get to where you want to go.

Step #5 - Revise those thought habits. Revise those thoughts at the end of each day. Imagine your day going exactly the way you wanted or wished it would have been in your mind. Kind of confusing but dream it the way you wished it had gone.

Example: You had a disagreement with someone. Imagine it (at bedtime) working out exactly the way you wished it had. This tricks your subconscious mind. What happens is the next day that someone picks on YOUR behavior subconsciously and it is magic!! Blog post coming soon on this!

Your subconscious mind takes everything literally and this can make or break you.

A coach can help you with this and empower you. Why? Because they are one step ahead of you. They have been where you are now, and know where you are going.

Step #6 - Get in the zone or flow. This is where challenge meets skill.

By the time you have processed all the steps, you have all the skills you need to meet the challenge. This is where you get in the flow and succeed in the goals you have set for yourself.

In closing, Natalie stated that "We are WORTHY." Never forget this. You are worthy of the goals you set for yourself, especially the BIG ones!! 🎈

We all hit speed bumps, but how are you going to flow?

Find Natalie here: @nattykime and Natalie Kime on Facebook Website:




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