4 Menopause Products I Swear By!

I can't say that I have hit menopause yet but I am close. I am 56 years young as of this post in 2021.

BUT my cycle actually stopped in June of 2021. Then I got the jab - #2 in August and the day after that jab my cycle came back in full force.

I had every menopause symptom you could think of and it was horrible. I even had depression like I had not felt in over 10 years! (Survivor of Complex PTSD here!)

I have been bound and determined to not suffer from this much-anticipated event and there I was sitting there with every symptom in the book. 

I knew my fitness routine helped keep menopause symptoms at bay. I also knew of simple products to help alleviate these symptoms.

Here are 4 products I swear by:

#1.  Progesteo-Life Cream - this is a cream you rub on your wrists and abdomen twice daily. It helps me with sleep (yes I was having trouble sleeping after the 2nd jab). I feel it also keeps me calm and does away with some anxiety. Could it be all in my head? Absolutely but at this price, I will keep using it until I feel otherwise. 😉



#2 Estroven Complete  - This product boosts itself to be all-in-one symptom relief and in my experience that has been true. I was having hot flashes and feeling low energy, and brain fog too and moody (see next product on that). But after taking this product for about 2 weeks I felt major relief. Happy me! 

#3 Estroven Mood - As I said before I was having depression and mood swings like I have not felt in 10+ years. It was horrible. After taking this product (a rather large purple vitamin) I felt a huge difference.


#4 Nature's Bounty Protein & Vitamin Powder - This inexpensive protein has been a game-changer in a big surprise of a  type of way. That is my hair. I have notoriously thin hair and it is (was) getting worse by the day. But since drinking this protein in my smoothie on most mornings I find it beneficial to all things, including menopause. I was pleasantly surprised at how my hair changed. I think it is the collagen that helped. I did not have a collagen supplement. I just picked this up on a whim (I needed protein) and it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Now I can't say this will work for everyone. Nor can I say this will work in the long game. But it did work and I feel 100% better and no longer suffer from those symptoms. At least for now!

 And truly the cost for all 3 is less than $35 per month so it is definitely worth it for me.

My cycle is back though and regular - like clock work. I will keep you posted on how this works for me but I wanted to get this post out there for my friends who suffer - hopefully in needless fashion. 

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