An Entrepreneur Who Loves Her 9-5

fitness kathie Jan 04, 2021

Unlike most budding entrepreneurs, my goal is NOT to leave my “9-5” 🠟

This month I have worked at @Ocusoft for 8 years. I was hired as the Corporate Wellness Director. They have a gym for their employees and I run that gym. 

BUT….the gym is closed due to COVID and there is no talk of reopening anytime soon. 

OCuSOFT is a full line ophthalmic pharmaceutical company. They provide everything an eye doctor needs, including dry eye products. Need something like this?? I can send you in the right direction….I have connections. 😉

I was hired by the owner of the company to be her trainer in 2012. I trained her for about 6 months when she asked if I wanted a tour of her business.

During that tour, my eyes were opened to the scope of the business she owned. She was so down to earth and the magnitude of this business she and her husband built is beyond measure. Click Here to Visit our Website!

I am so blessed to have this job!! And I love it with all my heart. 💙💙💙💙

'But Kathie you are not doing fitness anymore, don’t you miss it?' My answer is Yes and No.

You see I now help in Operations, cleaning, doing temperature screenings, and running various errands. Be on the lookout for my stories where I show a day in the life at OCuSOFT. Be sure to follow me on the gram so you don't miss the good stuff. 

And starting this month I am doing something REALLY cool!! OCuSOFT has started a manufacturing facility in January 2021. To do this they are under strict protocol.

I take daily water samples to this office in Houston 45 minutes away from OCuSOFT to be tested. It is so interesting!!

These samples have to be tested daily and they have to be at the testing facility within a certain number of hours.

There are so many interesting facets to my job at OCuSOFT. Follow my posts for more information on this and like I said, follow my stories too!!