The Easy Way to Build Habits

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Sacrifice short term conveniences for long-term gains. Unknown

Most people, myself included, build habits backwards. They start with the goal (which is correct) then go all out trying to achieve the goal.

Take for example building abdominal muscles - they go all out doing crunches or abdominal exercises they found online. But give up all too soon, especially when they don't see results.

*Spoiler alert - you can do abdominal exercises all day long but if you do not do something about the fat on top of the muscle you will never see results. 😮

Or take, for example, weight loss. They decide they want to quit eating junk food and throw it all out. But they start getting headaches and feel tired all day. This is a result of going through withdrawal from certain foods.

However, this is backwards. So let's re-frame it. Everything is mindset ya know! 😉

Take it one day at a time, Take it slow and steady.

I don’t really like the word “sacrifice.” It feels so final. How about we change that to “easy to do.” 

Guess what? We can sacrifice the little things, one at a time! This makes it easy to do.

Results won't come overnight but they will come one day.

We got this!

In his book The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson lets us in on a secret to habit building and it is one of the basics I teach in all my mindset material.

What is that? It is the saying,

“It is easy to do, it is easy not to do.” 

He also says be 1% better today than yesterday. When you strive to be 1% better today than yesterday you can very possibly be 100% better in 100 days!! 😎

Or if you have a bad day - you know it will be easy to be better tomorrow! Just sayin'! 😁

What are you putting off doing? Where are you stuck in your habits?

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