Facebook, Its a Funny Thing

Facebook, to me it is the very worst social media platform out there! IMO! 

#1 Reason I dislike Facebook - the news I see on my feed was crap. What I used to see was 90% FEAR-based crap. You know, those complaining about how bad things are, or talking about conspiracy theories out the ass. Like I always say, "If it instills one ounce of fear, check with your Inner Voice, find LOVE, and move on!"

#2 (which has to do with #3) My page Kathie's Coaching is very limited to who sees my information. Facebook algorithm is rigged around $$ for them. I get that. But how are people going to see my page? Oh, that's right I need to create a group for my page. Or I need to pay for ads for Kathie's Coaching.

I have 2 groups. Combat Aging with Wellness (for my fitness over 50) and Stop the Mind Screw (for mindset inspiration). 

#3 Facebook can block you and restrict you for reasons they see fit. I was recently "restricted" from posting on Facebook for complex reasons I could not understand. It seemed I violated some policy and it looked to me like I was talking about government or something. 

I have noticed other "new thought" accounts getting restricted, even worse than I was in the past few months. Their personal pages were deleted and they have been restricted many times.

I don't know why this happens. I guess it is because we teach others how to think for themselves.

Funny thing - while I was "restricted" Facebook kept on pushing me to purchase ads with them. WTF??

Okay yeah sure let me do that! I am restricted yet can place ads with you for no one to see.🤣 


Eddie was quick to tell me, "If it weren't for social media no one would know you."


I have been a blogger since 2003. And www.kathiesfitblog.com was established on December 25, 2007. A blog post coming soon on this. 😉

I do enjoy Instagram. Um, kinda! To me, that even has a weird vibe to it!



Be aware, be cautious, enjoy social media, just don't rely on it! You never know when the platform will be gone!