12 Healthy Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Are you looking for gifts to keep your grandparent or parent healthy and safe? Here are 12 gifts that work for that.

This list was composed by Kathie Owen, Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness since 2004 and Silver Sneakers Instructor since 2006.


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1. As we age we lose balance. We all need to practice balance and these little disks help you accomplish just that and more. The disk comes with instruction manual and exercise ideas.


2. A foam roller is not just for the gym. You can work on muscle tightness right in the chair you sit in all day. You can even use this on your grandparent or family member and roll out tight muscles!

3. Did you know that a fall is the main cause of injury in older adults? Apple Smart Watch that detects a fall and will even call EMS. You can use the smart watch for fitness and many other tracking apps. Great for health on all of us older adults!


4. Silver Sneakers DVD - I bet your grandparents are missing their favorite exercise class at the gym. They can do this phenomenal workout right in the comfort of their own home with this official DVD. 


5. Small ball used in Silver Sneakers to help with posture (behind the back), inner thigh exercises, finger and joint movement, and hand-eye coordination.



6. Exercise bands for strength training and stretching.


 7. Light dumbbells for strength training and conditioning. 


8. Hip band - it's not just for the young girls. Build hip and glute muscles that help with balance, walking, and stretching.


9. Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt - great for soaking and relaxation. Can be used in baths or on hot towels to relieve sore aching muscles and joints.


10. Get quick relief from those aching joints and muscles with Arnica homeopathic ointment


11. Stability ball - use as a chair while watching TV. Just sitting on a stability ball helps with balance and core. the stability ball comes with exercise ideas, easy to use pump, and more.

12.  Here's the gift that will keep them moving even while they sit in a recliner. Bonus tip: place this on a table and pedal with arms for upper body movement.


Hope your grandparent, friend, or even YOU enjoy the gifts of the season.

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