Your Very 1st Thought of The Day!

The very first thought you have in the day is probably the most powerful tool in your thought habit toolbox.

What is your first thought of the day? I know, you probably do not even think until you've had your coffee. I can relate, but you get the point.

Maybe this will help, "What is your prominent thought first thing in the morning?" Yes even after that cup of coffee! 🤣

In today's video and podcast, I discuss this very thing.

I start with a time relevant story about spiritual bypassing and will be doing more content on this very topic soon. It is super relevant so give it a listen.

I give a personal story about how I used to face my mornings and how I had so many limiting beliefs! I had no freaking idea that my thought quality was so low my friends!

Top mistakes I see when it comes to thoughts first thing in the morning:

  • Not even paying attention, that was me!
  • Those limiting beliefs quickly spill over into your day and can blow things up!

There will be undesired outcomes:

  • There are laws of the Universe. One of those is the fact that thoughts are things.
  • Another one is what you resist persists. In my story I show you how I was resisting mornings and how that truly affected my day - in a negative way!
  • You can always trace it back to your first thought in the morning.

So what is the solution??? Great question! Here is the answer and this is what I teach!

  • Re-write limiting beliefs. I like Neville Goddard's teaching The Pruning Shears of Revision.
  • You can also do subconscious re-programming
  • Take a mental diet meaning you become AWARE of negative thoughts without shame and guilt for those thought habits.
  • And simple awareness skills. Just realizing this thought can wake you up to a better day! Pun intended!  

Link to Video on YouTube

Link to podcast on Buzzsprout (all platforms).

BTW I got a new camera, I like it. Things look so much better! It is just going to take me a little time to get used to it.

It is the OSMO Pocket Camera, You can check it out here on Amazon.

Next week, I discuss how disharmony relates to your definite chief aim!

Remember every Thursday I upload a podcast and YouTube video!! 

Peace out and Namaste, Kathie


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