How to Find More Time in Your Day

"I just don't have the time!"

This is the #1 reason I am given by those who tell me that is why they don't exercise.

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But consider the alternative! What happens if you don't exercise? Your health declines even more so. The pain gets worse.

I don't want that for you! So today I'm giving you 12 ways to find more time in your day!

#1. Analyze how you do spend your time. Spend a few days doing this. You will quickly find time zappers or wasters and find ways to eliminate them. There also may be things you can combine, re-order, or delegate.

#2. Plan your day the night before. An evening routine that consists of getting ready for the next day ahead. For example, lay out your clothes for work and exercise. Plan your meals for the next day. Write your to-do list for tomorrow. A well-thought-out evening routine will help with your sleeping too. 😉

#3 Examine your attitude. Just like goal-setting successful time management happens when you understand YOU have control over your daily activities. If you believe you have no control, you don't. ALL of these tips will help you with this. Stop mind screwing yourself out of your day!

#4. Get the biggest bang for your buck. Look for tasks that are of high value. Making your bed means the feeling of being more organized. Completing your exercise helps you feel great and face the day with a great attitude. Need help with your fitness? I got you covered:

#5. Arrive 15 minutes early. My son has a great motto that he learned as an athlete.

"If you are not early, you are late."

There is power in this motto. Try it. I also recommend getting out of bed 15 minutes early. You'd be surprised how those 15 minutes can really help with your day!

#6. Know when and IF to multi-task. Going to be waiting in the carpool lane for a long time? Read those emails during this time. Kids going to be taking a nap or "TV time" in the afternoon? Use that time to tidy up the house or try that 15-minute workout your found on YouTube.

#7. Follow the 2-minute rule. Any task that takes 2 minutes or less - just do it. Like making your bed when you wake up for example. Or washing the dish and cup you just used. Get it done!

#8. Schedule it and Stick to IT! Digital calendars are lifesavers or should I say "time savers". Plan your week on a Sunday. Log all events into the calendar and then follow through. You can also use a written calendar to document the events as well. Add your workouts to the calendar as well.

#9. Manage interruptions. Take advantage of the 'do not disturb button on your phone. Put your laptop on "airplane mode" when doing focused tasks. Have certain times in your day when you do this so you can be interruption-free.

#10. Know your most productive time of day. Use this time to get things done. Also, do the hardest task first. This is mentioned in the book Eat That Frog. The author says to do the most difficult task first.


#11. Avoid procrastination. When you complete the hardest task first you help avoid procrastination. We all have things we don't want to do, BUT it is so motivating to get something out of the way - FIRST. Eat that Frog has 21 tips to beat procrastination.

#12 Get organized before you begin. Sit down at your desk and organize your work. Go over your to-do list and get ready before you begin. Keep this to a 15-minute time frame.

A great way to make sure you get things done is to have a great morning (and evening) routine. I can help you Master Your Morning with this free download that will guide you on the perfect morning routine for you. Hope to see you there!



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