Calories Burned While Sleeping

Did you know that you burn calories when you sleep?

This question was asked of me by a friend who uses Noom - a mindset app on weight loss. Link to the app right here!

You sure do! And let's discuss.

You have something called a basal metabolic rate which means you burn so many calories around the clock, even when doing no certain activity like sleeping.

Click Here for a calculator to figure out your BMR now.

However, there are several factors that come into play as to how little or how much you do burn. They are as follows:

  • Body fat percentage (this is not the same thing as BMI which is just your height divided by your weight in metric terms). The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn. AND the more fat you have on your body the fewer calories you burn. 
  • Doing cardiovascular exercise regularly will also burn more calories around the clock. Why? Because you have trained your heart effectively and therefore it burns more calories. BTW this also helps you sleep better at night. Just sayin!
  • Your age - as we age our metabolism slows down so does our BMR. Try playing around with the calculator and you will see that number change. But if you exercise regularly this can help!!
  • Gender - women naturally carry more fat on their bodies. As we stated above your body fat plays a role in your calorie burn. Also, the hormones that dominate your system play a role.
  • Stress - when under stress you release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol loves to have a party with fat cells, especially in our midsections. Eliminate this stress hormone through mindset and fitness. That is 100% what I teach here!!

How can we affect these calorie numbers?

  • Increase muscle mass by doing strength training exercises on a regular basis.
  • Do HIITs - high-intensity interval training regularly. HIIT is a cardiovascular exercise where you go fast for 1-2 minutes and slow for 1-2 minutes, take your heart rate up and bring it down. Read this blog post for more info on HIITs
  • Be sure to move daily. If you wear a SmartWatch try to close that move ring every single day.
  • Watch your calorie intake. Remember BMR is how many calories you burn every single day with no activity. Make sure you not only do not consume too many calories but also eat enough calories. Your body will store those calories as fat if you are not eating enough today. Be sure to check YOUR CALORIC NEEDS on this calculator as well.
  • Burn off stress through exercise and mindset. Find some healthy habits to keep you on track in your fitness. And improve your mindset daily through meditation, reading great books like these, and keeping a positive mental attitude as much as possible.

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