How to Deal with Arguments

What if you had a secret tool that would help you with every argument you encounter. Well, in today's video, I teach this tool and it is very powerful and helpful.

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Awareness is key! Study the picture below:

This takes place in any argument we may have. That circle eight at the bottom can become an endless battle and we must ask ourselves how do we get to Victor? And how do we get out of this vicious cycle? I answer that question in the video.

Arguments are usually triggered by one's abandonment issues. When these issues are triggered it causes one to go into victimizer and gaslighting takes place.

What is gaslighting? It is when someone plays victimizer and tries to trigger you into an argument. Signs of gaslighting are:

  1. Pretending not to understand
  2. Labeling your thoughts as crazy
  3. Questioning your memory
  4. Pretending to forget
  5. Denying promises
  6. Trivializing your feelings

It is best not to respond to gaslighting with more victimizing or you will enter into another no-win situation.

In the video, I give you solutions and the main point to remember is to be KIND. And remember to ALWAYS BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

Being kind to yourself can look different for all of us and I think the kindest thing we can do when arguing with a narcissist is to draw a very strict boundary.

This can be scary at first but boundaries are very important to protect yourself. There is a book called Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud. Below are links to the book or a YouTube Series on the book.

▶the book: Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud 

▶YouTube Video Series on Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud:

I also tell a story about how I found humor in an argument with a narc. It is possible. Especially once you are aware.

Take care of yourself and be KIND. 

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