Knee Strengthening Exercises

fitness fitness after 50 Oct 28, 2021

 One of the number one questions I am asked is:  "How to prevent knee pain when I exercise?"

Today I am going to give you 3 tips:

#1 Strengthen the muscles around your knees.

Your knees are the biggest joint on the body, therefore, it takes a lot of muscles to help them work properly.

I really like this video on the best knee pain exercises to strengthen those muscles that help the knees. These exercises are great to prevent knee pain too! Just sayin'! 


#2 Warm-up and stretch your muscles before and after you exercise. 

Did you know that a lot of your knee pain can have to do with tight muscles?? 

Watch the video below for great tips on keeping those muscles flexible!

Have trouble getting down on the floor? I get it. Try these stretches in bed.

Plus remember some of the stretches may be out of your range of motion. If that's the case search for other ways to stretch the muscles she talks about!


#3 A lot of times your knee pain can have to do with your diet and lack of certain nutrients. Add turmeric to your diet. Tumeric has been known to be a remedy for joint pain.

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Here is a link to a turmeric supplement on Amazon that I recommend. (click on the picture)


And definitely try this smoothie recipe for added nutrients that help our joints!

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