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I help older adults shift that mindset to feel empowered and healthy today!

Hello, my name is Kathie Owen Certified Fitness Trainer and Mindset Coach since 2002 transforming lives in magic fashion teaching Stop the Mind Screw Process.

You got this!

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Transurfing on Tuesdays!

Very popular Reality Transurfing and Stop the Mind Screw. While we do not teach transurfing per se we do discuss certain topics. On Tuesdays on the podcast, we open the book and find inspiration and motivation to inspire you! Transform your life in magic fashion! Lots of information on Reality Transurfing here!

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Stop mind screwing yourself out of success, health, and wellness. Learn more about mindset training with Kathie and build habits that stick and more. 

Stop the Mind Screw Process and a Mental Diet is here!

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Menopause Got You Down?

I have been there! But I also learned very valuable tools to help with all the hormone imbalance symptoms through fitness and mindset. Join Kathie Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness since 2004. 

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Fitness with Kathie

Want more energy? Stamina? To feel better and cultivate what it takes to get healthy now? Then this is for you.

Kathie has been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 2002. Learn more here!

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Stop Mind Screwing Yourself Out of Life!

“Control your inner experience (your mind) and you will be able to determine the quality of your life, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy.”

― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow

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What I Love About Coaching Stop the Mind Screw!

I absolutely love seeing the transformation take place before my eyes. And watching the πŸ’‘ light bulbs go off over the heads of those I work with! And seeing those I love succeed in fitness and personal development!! -Kathie Owen

Blog Posts from Kathie

Here are a few blog posts to inspire you! Feel free to visit the blog for more!!

Reasons Why I Do This!

Things I stand FOR:

βœ”Positive Mindset and Mind Control

βœ” Bad days, weeks, months, and even years exist for ALL of us! Don't deny it or stuff it. Healing Happens!!

βœ” Thought habits RULE!

βœ” You can actually reverse aging and damage through mindset, health, and wellness

βœ” Exercise/movement is important


Things I stand AGAINST:

❌Toxic positivity - that's an oxymoron and positivity saved my life! It can save yours too!

❌ The easy way out - anything worth having is going to take some work!

❌ Victim mentality

❌ Bad days, weeks, months, and even years don't make you!

❌ Mind screwing yourself out of health, wealth, success, and happiness!


Let's Stop the Mind Screw


Fall in love with your thinking and stop mind screwing yourself out of health, wellness, and happiness!

What am I talking about? I am talking about those fear and doubt-filled thoughts that pester you. I have had them too!

Then I discovered the Stop the Mind Screw Process.

Welcome, want to learn more? Follow along by signing up with us, or read the blog, and learn the process. It just might transform your life in magic fashion!


All about a mental diet

"Trust me you won’t go wrong! Mrs. Kathie is not only going to be your personal trainer but she will help you grow as well. I promise you she will guide and help you along your journey. She will stand by you until you reach your goals. You are not only gaining a personal trainer you are gaining a special friend for life!"

Client since 2008

"After working with Kathie I gained confidence, learned how to sleep better at night, and drastically improved my stamina. What do you have to lose? Kathie is devoted to helping you get more fit and healthy. She is patient and the entire process is ultimately doable!"

Client since 2010

Kathie's Video on Toxic Positivity

What is Reality Transurfing?

It is a book authored by Vadim Zeland, a Russian quantum physicist. It is all about reality creation and extremely powerful and life-changing.

 It is an awesome addition to mindset and Stop the Mind Screw content talks about:

  • Transurfing in Traffic
  • Podcast episodes - open the book and learn something new!
  • How to dance with pendulums download and guide.
  • Reality creation topics and so much more
  • πŸ„‍β™€οΈπŸ„‍β™€οΈπŸ„‍♀️ Ride the wave of success here!