Episode #12: Do You Have Attention Drifting Disorder

Thursday, December 23, 2021

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About this Episode:

Stop the Mind Screw Podcast

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Today we talk about Attention Drifting Disorder very similar to attention deficit disorder. And in today's world, we all have it. But learn how to control it. We discuss:

  • Outwitting the Devil book by Napoleon Hill and drifting
  • Controlling your mind
  • Mental Diet
  • Reality Transurfing and pendulums
  • Toxic Positivity
  • 5 ways to control drifting


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Links mentioned in this episode:

Video on Information Addiction with Kathie

The book Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

The book Flow by Mihal Chicsendmehi

The book 7 Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox

Joseph Rodrigues Podcast Episode #339 Mental Wu Wei Outwitting the Devil, Transending doubt, fear, indecision, and insecurity

The app Notion

Vadim Zeland (is that really him???) Instagram: www.instagram.com/vadim_zeland_official

Toxic Positivity girl: www.instagram.com/miriamfried



Transcription Episode 12

Do you have attention drifting disorder? If you use technology in today's world, I bet you do. And today we're going to talk about your drifting.

Welcome to the Stop the Mind Screw Podcast. I'm your host, Kathie Owen Certified Fitness Trainer and Mindset Coach since 2000. Transforming lives and magic fashion teaching stop the mind screw process.

And today we are talking about attention drifting disorder. What is that? Well, it's kind of a term I came up with that has to do with attention deficit disorder because they're very much related and. They're very much a mind screw. And if you go on social media of any kind, they want you on their platform and they want you to get lost in it, unless perhaps you change that drifting or deficit to discipline.

And that's what we're going to talk about today because that is the way out of that downward spiral. Out-of-control technology. Addiction is a real thing nowadays. Have you scrolled on Tik TOK lately? Oh my gosh. They just want you to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and it's mindless and actually, it's addictive.

You know, what's great about it is if you see something you don't like, you can just quickly swipe up, and here comes the next one. If you don't like that one swipe up here comes the next one. And then you find one that you go, oh wow, that's pretty cool. Well, you get, go down that rabbit hole and can get lost in it.

You can get lost in the drama. You can get lost in the stories. And I'm not just talking about tick-tok, I'm talking about Facebook, I'm talking about Instagram and that is. They want, they want this from you and it's getting worse and worse and worse as we go along back several years ago, my youngest son was in college and he was studying a marketing course.

And he was telling me about the technology that they now have, where they can, they pick up on what you're talking about and on your apps from your phone. And you'll notice you start to see advertisements for those things. And at that time he picked up my phone and started going Adidas, shoes, Adidas, shoes, Adidas shoes.

And just by me saying that right now, I'm going to get advertisements for Adidas shoes. It's just out there. It is the way of the world nowadays. And you can look at that as a positive or negative. You can go on both ends of the spectrum there and you can say, oh, that's cool. They're following me, they know what I'm doing, or you could also go, oh, that's great because I need to be looking for these types of things and that's, what's going to happen.

Me personally, I, I try to possess the discipline to not fall either way. And that way it's all in balance. It just stays in balance. It doesn't become mindless. Back in November of 2020, I did a speech in Toastmasters that was all about technology addiction and how the world has changed over time. I'm old enough to know that.

I remember a time when we didn't have cell phones at all. And that was what my speech was about. I did a video on it and I'll put a link in the show notes. You can go listen or watch that if you want. But you know, it's, it's funny because  I'm glad I'm old because I can remember times without a cell phone and what life was like back then and how different it was.

And the different perspectives that you get from it, the different benefits that you get from it, and how it's not hard to find the discipline to put it down and go, oh, I'm getting off into the mindless drifting. Drifting from Napoleon Hill in the book, Outwitting, the Devil. I can't stress enough how great that book is.

And I highly recommend listening to the audible version because it's got where Napoleon Hill interviews, the devil. And the devil talks back in this real deep raspy voice. And it just gives it more perspective on what they're talking about but drifting. Napoleon Hill asked the devil to describe all the ways in which you induce people to drift, define the word and tell us exactly what you mean by it.

He answers I can best to find the word drift by saying that people who think for themselves, never drift while those who do little or no thinking for themselves are drifters. A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled. By circumstances outside of his own mind. Whoa.

That is what stop the mind screw is all about - controlling your mind. That's the closest way you can become happy. That's the closest way that you can become happy. 

And a mental diet is simple. And I talk about it all the time, but all it is is you become aware of your thoughts when you have a negative thought, you let it go. You don't dwell on it because you are going to have negative thoughts, no matter how hard you try to control and not have negative thoughts, you are going to have them.

So what you do is you don't dwell. One of the best books. Here's another good book for you is Emmet Fox's book, The Seven Day Mental Diet.

So real quick, simple read. He teaches you to go on a seven-day mental diet and by doing so you start to release these negative thoughts and you start to find towards the end of the seven days.Wow. Things are different. It will drastically change your life.

This episode today is brought to you by the mental diet resource. Scott, what is it? It is a simple guide that explains a mental diet, as well as it gives you some meal plan tips and things that you need for your mental. And discipline happens to be one of them, which we're talking about today.


Go ahead and download your resource guide today www.kathieowen.com/mentaldiet , and that's K a T H I E O w E N. Hope to see you there.

So how can we stop drifting? I'm going to give you five tips. On stopping drifting. And I got these tips from Joseph Rodriguez and his insights and perspectives as well as I got the idea for this episode today. 

And I'll put a link in the show notes as well to that episode that he did on, um, the same topic. I can't remember exactly what the title of the episode was called, but it's on the same topic.

Link to episode: https://insightsandperspectives.libsyn.com/episode-339-mental-wu-wei-outwitting-the-drifter-aka-transcending-feardoubt-indecisioninsecurity-napoleon-hill-emmet-fox-james-allen

He talks about:

1.  When we are drifting or when we are not controlling our thoughts, we lack consistency.

What is that? When you are consistent and your health and your wealth and your habits and your workouts and your day-to-day routine, when you are consistent, that is going to provide you with something to fall back on. But when you're not consistent, you're going to easily drift. So you've tried to find consistency.

You know, you hear me talk about it all the time, especially in my slight edge episodes, because being consistent is a slight edge habit.

2. You have too many ideas. You've got too many things going on in your mind and you can't control that. You've did. That is what attention deficit disorder really is.

They have so many ideas going on that they can't focus. They drift from thing to thing, to thing to thing. That's what tik-tok relies on that you go from thing to thing, to thing to thing. And you just mindlessly wonder. So how does one overcome? He could do a brain dump. You can journal. I love the app Notion and notion is an app where you can just take notes and you can just brain dump in it.

You could also tag those brain dumps with different tags. So you can go back through and pull up your database of tags. Say you are having a brain dump about business, just brain dump, get it all out and then tag it business and then go back and lookup. And then cut it down. And that is a copywriting technique as well.

And it's just something that's very powerful because it helps you corral those endless thoughts that go on and on and on.

3. Not optimizing those ideas. I just gave you a way to optimize those ideas. What was that? Put it into notes. Tag it, and then you can optimize those ideas. You can benefit from them, or you can lose them because you're going to have so many ideas.

You're going to get overloaded. One thing about Tik-TOK, and Reels that I've noticed as a lot of these entrepreneurs, try to get you to go, oh, I need to make a bunch of reels so I can get people's attention. Yeah. But what happens is Instagram and Tik TOK don't want you to get that attention. They don't want you to have that.

They don't want that person. That's looking at you to leave there. And they've already tricked your mind into that dopamine hit. That's going to swipe up anyways. So more than likely you're going to lose that customer. You're better off doing other types of content. And it cracks me up because honestly when I'm looking at Instagram, I'm looking at it for, for learning purposes to learn how to, to give you better content or come up with better ideas.

And I can't stand it when it immediately jumps into a reel. That's very distracting. And now Facebook has even got their own version of reels and I've noticed on my feet. That my, my reels that they bring up or there they'll quick videos are very, um, dramatic. It could be at a sports game, somebody getting into a big fight, or at a mall and somebody getting into a big fight, or I don't know what it is on Facebook.

I really can't stand Facebook anyways, but it has this video thing that you can go to. And then it shows somebody making this cake and putting all this differently. Frosting in there. And by the time I'm almost at the end of it, I'm so pissed off because I'm going, what? The freak. You just took five minutes of my time and I cannot get that back. 😮🤢

I wasted it looking at this stupid video because I got lost in that attention-drifting disorder. That's exactly what I'm talking about. But you need to optimize that information. Take it. If you're going to learn something from it, take it and learn something from it, store it somewhere. Get your mind out of that rabbit hole.

Don't let Instagram and TechTalk and Facebook control what you're thinking. Let it go and watch something else. Let it go and come back to reality. Come back to your world. Go take a walk in nature. No earbuds, no screen, no nothing. Go take a walk and observe how your mind processes that information. And you'll start to see a more natural calmness cover you.

 As opposed to scrolling mindlessly through the data. I give myself time to do that. That's my optimization. And if I've done it for too long, I can start to tell my mind is going.

And I can imagine these people that do these kids nowadays, that doesn't even know or have the awareness to understand that they've been sucked into this, that their minds are not being controlled by themselves.

Remember a drifter does not think for themselves.

4. They have not cultivated the ability to transcend their fears, doubts, and indecisions and insecurities during the process. What does that mean? That means that they cannot transcend those fears. They don't realize that the fears that they're coming through are coming from somebody else's thinking a pendulum.

Remember, I talk about pendulums all the time. In Reality Transurfing a pendulum is simply a thought structure that everybody else is thinking, and it's very contagious and it only wants your energy. It's not personal. It just wants your energy and there's no escaping them. However, when you don't think for yourself, you're going to easily fall victim to these fears, doubts and indecisions, and it's everywhere.

Oh, my gosh, the guy that's, I don't think it's Vadim Zealand, but he says his Vadim Zealand official and on Instagram, and his posts are in Russian. So I don't know if it's him or one of his representatives or something, but he loves to start talking about the vaccine he loves and it instills fear in people.

There is nothing positive about it. There's nothing good about that, whether you're for it or against it, and in my opinion, you're going to suck either into the pendulum by even expressing how you feel about that. And that's, that's never good.

You want to stay away from the polarizing. Away from the polarizing data and, and Joseph Rodriguez talks a lot about this in his podcast because he talks about the Kybalion and all truths are half-truths and therefore there's polarizing, there are polarizing ends of the spectrum.

And if you're a supposed it influencer, or you're a supposed teacher or a coach it's wise not to go to each end of the spectrum, just stay in the middle because their truest truth and this truth is truth. They're just half-truths. So the vaccine is right and the vaccine is right.

Wouldn't you rather think for yourself and know what's right for your body and for you inside and don't, you don't have to go around telling everybody else what to believe and what not to believe?

It's, honestly, it's not going to make a difference. You think it's going to kill everybody? It hasn't yet. So I don't think that that's going to happen, but that's a pendulum too. Why go there? Why instill fear? I would much rather instill faith. And so my faith lies in the middle of the road. I have my beliefs, but my beliefs come from my Infinite Intelligence, not from social media for dang sure!

Nobody's going to listen to my truth either because they have their own opinions and that's fine. I would rather stay in the middle of the road and friends with everybody, or a friends with whoever that is at least halfway on my side, because I'm not for everybody, but I've cultivated an ability to transcend fears, doubts, and indecisions.

And I like to think that a lot of that comes from my surviving Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And I've done a lot of videos on that, on my YouTube channel. And if you want me to talk about that more here, I'll be more than happy to because if it helps one person I've helped a lot. And my toxic positivity girl, she's all sucked into the New York drama right now that everybody's getting the new strand of the virus and she voices her, her fears, and she's got major fears.

But, oh gosh, don't let me come to her with my "toxic positivity". And I say that with air quotes, because I don't believe positivity is toxic. But what I would be doing if I came to her and told her, oh my gosh, you're, you're just transmitting those fears instead of transcending them, she would go, oh my gosh, "you're so toxic."

Trust me. I know I've tried to approach her before and there we go again. That's the pendulum. That's the pendulum at work.

5. They identify too much with other people's opinions on how they should do things. When you don't think for yourself, you're going to go with the herd or you're going to go with the comparison thing that really will give you fears, doubts, and indecisions.

Why do that? Why not think for yourself? Stop mind, screwing yourself out of your power. I don't identify with other people's opinions on how you should do things, you know how to do. If you could just get in touch with that inner voice, what did I say? Go for a walk in nature. Spend time without the earbuds, without the screen, without any of that, go back in the times.

Like our great grandparents used to live and you will definitely transform your life magic fashion.

All right. That's my episode for today. Please share with somebody who you think could benefit from it. And like I said, I'm not for everybody, so caution and until next time, I'll see you next time. Peace out and namaste.


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